Cheney Gets Kick in Behind and Cold Sholder

Reports say that Cheney’s recent visits to three post-Soviet states (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine) were far from successful. In fact, Cheney was given a less than cordial reception in all of the three capitals that he visited, albeit for different reasons.

In Azerbaijan he is said to have been on the receiving end of a diplomatic slight when only a junior official was dispatched to meet him at airport (to which he apparently reciprocated with an offense of his own by refusing to attend a dinner given in his honor) and then he was unable to get anything definite during talks with Mr. Aliev, the president of Azerbaijan.

In Georgia Cheney could not deliver what the regime officials wanted but then, in all fairness, they did not expect him to be able to do anything beyond giving them some helping but non-committal lip. And in Ukraine Mrs. Timoshenko both praised and criticized him at the same time but without any particular urgency or meaning.

No-one is surprised. Frankly, who’s going to take the sick old fart seriously, either one or the other?


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