Editorial No. 1: How To Win the War on Terror

It’s been seven long years already since America launched its war on terror. Seven years is longer than it took to fight and win the Great War. Seven years is also longer than it took to fight and win the Second World War. But it seems seven years is not long enough for America to win its war on terror.

Maybe America is doing something wrong? Could it be that the war on terror is not fought according to how it should be fought?

Although no West Point graduate, this blogger thinks so.

In the ongoing war on terror, the American military have only used two sets of tactics: either search & destroy missions (where no territory is controlled except locations where the U.S. troops are massed, that is, have their bases) or troops surges in an attempt to actually seize and hold some territory. Neither set of tactics has been implemented well. But you know what? It does not matter. Both the concepts are faulty.

Here is news for the American High Command: wars are not won by using one hundredths or even one tenths of one’s military potential! Wars are only won by using full force, by using all available means (except those of course that could do irreparable damage to the environment or the human habitat). This is how wars are won speedily. It is essential to win wars speedily. The faster a war is won, the fewer are the casualties, both military and civilian. And a failure to win the war on terror speedily in the most brutal and efficient fashion (which is also the least costly in terms of casualties in the long term) is exactly why America has been unsuccessful so far and is exactly why seven years has not been enough to win the war on terror.

America, here is what you do. Declare a total war on terror, have a full mobilization of all America’s able-bodied and full-limbed citizens and ship them all to the current theaters of war and/or war zones. Come on, America, fight a real war for once and not what you have been fighting so far — administering pin pricks and making stabs in the dark.

America, your allies around the world (myself included) need you to win!


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