Tent Cities

The American economy is doing all right. It is growing as ever. True, the global credit crunch is ongoing, together with a more general financial crisis associated with it. But the American economy is in good shape. How can it not be if, according to President Bush, the American workers have the distinction of being the best and the most productive in the world and the American economy is way too resilient to succumb to the current crises? Besides, if there is one thing the powers that be in America learned really well, it is that something has to be done by the government as soon as it seems that another Great Depression may be a-coming, the last edition of which in the early twentieth century shook the United States so much and so violently to her very (rotten) core that even now it is reverberating everywhere — from the corridors of power to the squalid underpasses and subway stations.

Yet, it is also true that, in a major throw-back to the ’80s (if not earlier), tent camps are now springing up all over the country and are growing both in size and in number. Many American cities now seem to have new satellite settlements on their fringes — tent cities, usually situated on empty patches of land next to railway lines, airports and industrial zones and other such prime locations.

Vide: a tent city in Los Angeles.

America is the only superpower in the world. She is fighting two wars simultaneously a long way from her own corner of the world, she has overstepped her own borders in every direction and is maybe thinking about starting another war and then perhaps another one and another one.

The proud nation is at the top of her economic and military power, yet thousands of people have to resort to living in ‘tent cities’.

One shudders to think what will happen when the mighty & prosperous America really has an economic downturn.

Liberty from behind, enjoy the view.


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