Editorial No. 2: Watching the Debates, Diagnosing the Punters

Watching the American 2008 Presidential debates is both interesting and instructive. No, not from the point of view of the actual content of the discussion. There is very little to learn there. You generally shouldn’t expect to hear anything new. The candidates are trying to play to their strengths, which have been known for a long time already, so you are unlikely to hear any genuine problem raised by one of the debate punters. Maybe the only thing to transpire from the debates is that both candidates are very close to each other in their views on almost everything. It’s also true that both know little about how to overcome the current crisis, yet Obama is for some reason generally preferred when it comes to dealing with America’s collapsing economy. No, it’s not for this reason that watching the U.S. Presidential Dumbates is so interesting.

What is really interesting is to watch the two performers themselves. It is both interesting and instructive to listen to how they speak, to watch their rehearsed movements, their phony-forced American smiles or to register their vocal inflections and voice pitch changes. It’s not a waste of time. Far from it. There’s some food for thought to be found if you a trained and careful observer. Especially, as regards the health of the two stars-and-stripes-crazed protagonists of the show.

For all practical purposes there are two aspects of health: corporal and spiritual, physical and mental or that of the body and that of the mind. Now we all know that not everything is all right with the candidates as regards their bodies. Certain bodily functions run better than others. McCain is a physically sick man, there are no surprises here. He’s got many health problems, his case history runs into thousands of pages. But Balmy Barry Obama’s corporal health is far from perfect too. Obama doesn’t look healthy; in fact, he positively looks sickly, he is a recent and maybe still a current smoker. True, he is not debilitatingly overweight like most of his race and status in America yet he doesn’t look healthy, he just doesn’t.

However you are in for a real shock when you come to consider their mental health, or perhaps more to the point, the lack thereof. Especially if you are a trained mental health observer. The performance of the two presidential dumbate punters reveals a lot. Both succumb to pleonasm on many occasions, frequently make paralogical statements, that is, when something is presented as the product of something else when in fact there is no objective logical connection between the two concepts. Their voices sometimes appear louder, sometimes lower. On some occasions Obama confused the presenter with his challenger. Earlier, during their campaign both candidates made assertions which have subsequently been found patently untrue. Both look combative and angry.

Taken in isolation each of these things may not mean much, but taken all together and in the context of the U.S. Presidential Dumbates they are not trifling. And they shouldn’t be for they are advanced symptoms of a serious mental disorder. In terms of mental health, both are so sick that they may be diagnosed just by looking at them on a TV screen. Sadly (and very worryingly) both McCain and Obama are likely suffering from acute paranoid schizophrenia, an unpleasant condition to say the least, especially in someone aspiring to the highest office in the land.

The health of the two challengers to the presidential throne should be a matter for serious and urgent concern. In fact, the problem is so bad that allowing Bush to stay president for the third term is a much better option than electing either of the two sickly and unfunny clowns.

Bush for the third term! He is OK. (reminds me of a certain adult novelty toy… one hole of love is clearly visible… still a good president)


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