Biohazard USA: Triple E Virus

Whether traveling, visiting friends or relatives in America or just having the misfortune of being born in the USA and having to live there, you are of course always the potential victim of many nasty and dangerous incidents and accidents just waiting to happen to you there, such as crime (say someone going postal in your immediate vicinity, not a very rare occurrence statistically), traffic accidents (not enough space to walk, poor driving skills of most Americans), etc. These things are known and well documented. But what is less known is that there is also considerable bio hazard danger in the USA.

One of the nastier bio disease potentially waiting to happen to you in America is the triple E virus. While cases are mercifully not very frequent, the virus, also known as Eastern Equine Encephalitis, is regarded as one of the most serious mosquito-borne diseases on the North American continent. And has apparently been killing people in the U.S. since the early 19th century after apparently crossing to humans from horses via birds all the while carried by those well-known friends to man, the mosquitoes.

It is found mainly in the eastern regions of the U.S. and has a 35% mortality rate and there is no known cure, although rare cases of self-recovery may have occurred recently.

Symptoms develop after three to 10 days, and include flu-like illness, inflammation of the brain, coma and death. Every year it strikes a small group of local people in areas where it is present but tourists to the USA have been affected as well.

So whether traveling, visiting friends or relatives in the USA or just living there, you will do well by remembering Yankophobe’s Rule of Thumb No. 1: “America is a shithole so expect shit to happen. Always”. Don’t let your guard down, it’s your life, and you have been warned so take all necessary precautions.


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