U.S. Terror Comes to Syria

It seems the so-called international community (read: the Anglo-Americans and their satellites, puppets and poodles) has grown completely accustomed to the banditry of the American military and does nothing but turn a completely blind eye to it. What amounts to a deadly attack on a sovereign state takes place and then… nothing. Where are the indignant cries of the various human rights watches and amnesties international? Where are the condemnations by the leaders of the free world? We can hear and see nothing.

Yet several people, Syrian citizens, construction workers, are dead, 9 in all, with a further 14 wounded. Dead because they were killed by a bunch of bloodthirsty American helicopter troops who have demonstrated many times how much they enjoy fighting with, and killing, unarmed civilians, men, women and children. Yes, we have seen it before and will see it again many a time.

According to Syrian sources, since apparently confirmed by several other international news agencies, up to four U.S. helicopters violated Syrian airspace, landed at the site of a settlement not far from the border and proceeded to surround and attack an unfinished structure. During the course of the attack they killed all those who were in the building and around it, including the wife of the owner. Just like that. For what? Totally unnecessary. Then they boarded their helicopters probably with a sense of “job well done” and were able to fly back unopposed — from the very start there was nobody to engage them — to their base somewhere in Iraq.

Well what can you say? I think the Syrians are absolutely right to call it a terrorist attack. What else can you call it? It’s just killing for killing’s sake by U.S. troops. The objective is to spread fear, i.e. to terrorize. There is of course some cross-border insurgent activity there but it’s so difficult to track them down and then, even if they are tracked down, those insurgents, unlike civilians, you know, are all armed — God forbid, they can shoot back and kill U.S. soldiers (and probably will), they can even shoot down and burn those helicopters making nice crispy critters of the crews and troops on board (as they did about two hundred times already). Naturally it’s a lot easier to descend on a peaceful village completely out of the blue, without rhyme or reason, choose a building at random and just kill everyone inside, multiple-shooting unarmed people, probably in the hope that someone somewhere will get the “message”. What else can you call it but a terrorist act? And it is yet another one in a long series of such acts perpetrated by the United States.

But this will not do. This aggression will not stand.


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