Editorial No. 4: Why Does the Ruling U.S. Elite Need Obama as Prez?

Barack Obama is now the U.S. president-elect. That is, the 44th president of the United States is now officially going to be a black man, Barack Obama. Good luck to him — he may need it!

However, the immediate post-election euphoria aside, an interesting question to look into is this: why does the ruling U.S. elite need a black man occupying the White House all of a sudden? (btw, by the U.S. ruling elite I mean not the Illuminati but the people running the political process in the United States and therefore staying in power regardless which of the two court parties succeeds in having their man installed on the presidential throne.)

The answer to this question may be found in the current situation, specifically in the analysis of the ongoing financial and economic crisis. For instance, there is the so-called economic crisis theory which seems to describe the ongoing processes in the U.S. really well. By applying this theory one can predict the state of the U.S. economy after the end of the current acute phase of the crisis with a degree of certainty (assuming the theory stays true to the events which seems to be the case on current trends).

The current crisis seems to be all about the process of self-liquidation of over-production unleashed in the United States and the world in order to meet the excessive demand that has itself been artificially generated and maintained for the past 25 years (and only now seems to be coming to an end), that is, since the very start of Reaganomics, by means of an uncontrollable monetary emission, that is, the printing of dirty-green bank notes with the faces of certain ugly white men on them. But now the demand for all kinds of goods and services is falling and it’s falling in part because of the rampant inflation that for two and a half decades was controlled by and within the financial sector but that broke loose and went into the consumer sector of the economy soon after the creeping collapse of the financial system got underway in August last year.

Well the acute phase of the crisis is a period of time, during which total demand in the USA will be falling by at least 1% per month. It started in September and will continue until equilibrium is reached. The expected contraction of the economy may be calculated. Estimates suggest that America’s GDP will fall by 25% through 35% during the acute phase of the current crisis. In other words, when the dust settles, the U.S. economy could be smaller by at least a third. However it does not mean that the economy will start to grow immediately after that — first it will have to negotiate what may be called a depression period but it’s already outside the scope of the structural crisis theory.

It can happen very fast — within a couple of months — if monetary emissions and dollar infusions are stopped. Or it may take more time — if the economy and demand are supported with targeted bailouts, the depression may be prolonged (that is, made less drastic but longer-lasting) to 2.5-3 years. In reality it is likely to be something in-between the two.

And this is the point of interest — it is exactly the next U.S. president who will have to preside over what could be a steep decline in the standards of living of the U.S. population. And life is such that nobody will even pause to consider that the latest economic fallacy — and the likely cause of the current woes — was invented during the presidency of the Democrat Carter, that its implementation began under the Republican Reagan, that the point of no return was passed under the Democrat Clinton and that the Republican Bush Jr. did all he could to hold together what couldn’t be held together anymore… The meltdown will take place on Barack Husein Obama’s watch, as simple as that… And in consequence he will have to take very unpopular steps and measures and will have to bear all responsibility. Nobody will even be prepared to consider how the need to take such steps arose, what was the underlying cause, but everybody will forever remember who will have announced them.

And no-one should count on having a lucky escape either. Even the “Great” Depression could fade in comparison in the worst case scenario. Of course, to mitigate the consequences of such a planetary catastrophe (for the U.S. economy), it will be necessary to take very unprecedented measures — measures which now seem unthinkable; but not only that — such measures will have to be “sold” to the U.S. people or — more likely — rammed down their throats and possibly other orifices. And the future president of course fits very nicely into the grand scheme of things here. It will be very easy for the power groups and their lobbyists, the U.S. political elite as a whole, to distance themselves from him and to wash their hands of him when he is still in office — him, an outsider, almost not a politician and a black man into the bargain. And it will be even easier to pin everything on him when he is out of office… If it ever comes to that — for as everyone knows there are other options in the U.S. when such things are concerned.

Could this be the reason why Obama was selected and gently guided to become 44th President of the United States?

If I were him, I’d be worried.


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    Where did you get your blog layout from? I’d like to get one like it for my blog.


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