Anna Seward on George Washington

Anna Seward saw right through George Washington, the No. 1 revolutionary, terrorist, traitor and murderer of many, the Osama Bin Laden of the 18th century and the founder of the United States:

Oh Washington! I thought thee great and good,

Nor knew thy Nero-thirst of guiltless blood!

Severe to use the power that fortune gave,

Thou cool determin’d murderer of the brave!

Lost to each fairer virtue, that inspires

The genuine fervour of the patriot fires!


Remorseless Washington! the day shall come

Of deep repentance for this barb’rous doom!


Then, when each hope of thine shall set in night,

When dubious dread, and unavailing flight

Impel your host, thy guilt-upbraided soul

Shall wish untouch’d the sacred life you stole!

And when thy heart appall’d, and vanquish’d pride

Shall vainly ask the mercy they deny’d,

With horror shalt thou meet the fate thou gave,

Nor pity gild the darkness of thy grave!

For infamy, with livid hand, shall shed

Eternal mildew on the ruthless head!

By Anna Seward


The “ruthless head” of George Washington, a “cool determin’d murderer of the brave”

I really like this poem. It’s so good I think it should be recited with feeling at Obama’s forthcoming unveiling ceremony as America’s new leader.


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