Help Britain Collapse

Shock waves are just beginning to be felt around the world from the global financial crisis, but nowhere will the impact be more direct or more destructive than in the small island nation of Britain.

This week, angry xenophobic protests have erupted in Britain — thousands protested over jobs going to “foreign” workers (although they are from the EU). How long will it be before angry British citizens turn against the government for its inability to handle the country’s mounting economic troubles? Not too long I recon.

What’s significant in all of this is that Britain is a “leading indicator” of what is to come in the current financial perfect storm.

It took on this role because Britain’s economy was over reliant on its financial sector which was — with the North Sea oil running out and manufacturing petering down to a trickle — Britain’s only viable industry until it was hit so severely. What’s more, it has now been exposed for what it really is — one giant Ponzi scheme as is Britain, p.l.c. itself. This is so because Britain only survives on what it can fraudulently attract as “investments” from overseas (try taking those investments back and see what a huge stink they will raise). This really means that Britain is more vulnerable than most, which also means that it has to collapse first.

If you look at the history of Britain’s troubles recently it’s always a bit ahead of the U.S. and other European countries on many points: Northern Rock for example was the first bank in the world that failed and was nationalized in the current crisis, and there were many other similar forerunner events.

That’s why Britain holds a lot of prominence as a bellwether. Experts believe that the British will soon “kick the government rascals” out over the financial crisis. The same thing has already started in young “democracies” in the middle of Europe, such as Bulgaria and the Baltic countries — they have also seen violent protests recently related to the economy. But Britain’s situation is more dire. It has virtually no manufacturing left, the North Sea oil is running out and it’s financial sector is now a cripple. And it has over 70 million people to feed and look after but the British government is broke. No wonder the British pound has fallen so spectacularly.

Considering the ongoing and spreading British protests against foreign workers, parallels must now be drawn not just with the nasty events in Europe of 1968, but — much more tellingly — with the horrible demonstrations (including multiple lynchings) that broke out during the Great Depression in the United States.

In sum, Britain is a leading indicator of what is going to happen in the financial economic crisis. First come, first served. So Britain (which started it all) must collapse before things start to get better.

The world will only be able to breathe a little easier after Britain’s economy has collapsed. Only then will the global economy turn the corner and only then will economic growth resume.

In view of the above, it is therefore imperative to help Britain collapse. And each of us can do his or her part. You don’t have to actually do much, just little things. The British don’t produce much and don’t sell much abroad but what little they sell must not be bought. Don’t buy British, buy only American, as President Obama says, listen to him. One should also develop a healthy immunity to crafty British propaganda which is spread through a huge number of outlets from the BBC World Service to the toilet paper broadsheet of the Times of London (not forgetting The evil Economist which doesn’t have a clue — read it and do exactly the opposite).

Britain might also try to avoid collapse by exploiting British pop acts, so the obvious suggestion is not to buy CDs, other recorded media, downloads etc. featuring British artists and performers. Haven’t we had enough of those ugly British faces & voices (ever since the ugly & untalented phat four) anyway?

Help Britain collapse, save the global economy.


Crisis in Britain, set to culminate in a systemic collapse, experts believe


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6 Responses to “Help Britain Collapse”

  1. Dee Says:

    What an idiotic, marxist article. I’m a Texan currently living and working in the UK.

    Greece, Spain, and Italy are in a total economic mess. Ireland and Iceland are in similar situations. The UK is heavily in debt, and so is the US. The only nations that appear to be making reasonable growth as the Chinese and Indians.

    The decline of the UK will do nothing good for the US, as the UK are major consumers of US products. The loss of the UK market would be the end of a strong US foothold in western europe.

    This article reads like it was written by someone with a marxist agenda, wanting to see the decline of global trade. The US helping kill off the UK, would be like the Sheriff shooting his best deputy and then going out to face the enemy alone, or a business dumping its best customer and trying to win over the hearts of the nay sayers on the EU continent or in the ME.

    America’s biggest friends are the Brits, Canadians, Australians, the Japanese, and the South Koreans. The rest are begruding partners at best, and others are downright backstabbers.

    But good luck with your Commie manifesto and support for the socialist Obama. You’re like a doctor prescribing poison for America’s ill’s, and are betraying the nation from within.

    Obama is setting the US back 30 years. his socialist policies are totally unamerican. He is undermining the real workers in the US and looking to redistribute wealth to the idle.


  2. Jack Says:

    Before the GLOBAL financial crisis, Britain had the LOWEST net debt as a % of GDP of all the G7 countries. They had a lower unemployment rate, lower inflation and lower interest rates than the US.

    So how on EARTH can they have caused it when pretty much all of the banks WORLDWIDE were doing exactly the same as what Northern Rock were doing?

    This article is absolute BS. You clearly have no idea about how economics works if you think that British Pop artists are a source of income for their economy. Absolute Garbage. Very few even make it in the US anyway.


  3. Doug Says:

    Why would you want to cause the collapse of the UK. We are your allies in a world that does not always like the American colonialism, which is starting to become the new world order. The US wants to police the world and the US needs friends. The Russians are not wanting to take over the world just now but the bear is just sleeping. The Chinese will not be happy staying in their boarders for much longer. The US needs the UK now and will need the UK in the future. The UK has been weakened through very silly politicians over a number of years and has lost most of its strength but it will come back. It might do it good to have a hard time for a little while so that it can recover with vengeance but to cause its collapse is a little ridicules. I also suspect with economies of India and China gathering pace the last place anyone needs to worry about is the UK. Anyway before I go UK goes down the pan, the US would follow in about 10 years. Everyone has their day and looses it. All the way through history every civilisation gets to a point then crashes.


  4. Richard Holland Says:

    what a fucking pathetic cunt. Bet youre some American who doesn’t give two shits about anyone except fellow Americans. Go die in a fucking hole muther fucker

    After you! — Yanko Phobe


  5. yankophobe Says:

    Well, I just now gave it another read, and contrary to what the commenters above are saying, what I said there was true then… and it is still true now.

    I told you so. Can’t you freaking see it? In these crises something has to give first before regeneration can begin. In other words, to have a boom in Capitalist economies, we first must have a mighty bust. So Britain as the weakest link had to collapse for the world economy to start growing again and for the crisis to go away. Well, Britain hasn’t collapsed so far — and lo and behold! — the global crisis is still here and is only getting worse!

    Help Britain collapse?… Fuck, yeah!


  6. Barry Says:

    This guy is a complete bell-end


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