Another Day, Another Airplane Drops Out of the Sky in Obama’s America

As I’ve reported before, the “United States of America” is one of the most dangerous places in the world to travel, whether by car, by train or even by foot. But the most dangerous activity in America seems to be stepping on a plane. In fact, air disasters in America are so frequent that I am starting a specific category under which I will aggregate such posts (check out my category list in my sidebar).

One has to wonder how people can go on a plane in America knowing how perilous it is to fly there (and that’s to say nothing of the horrifically high risk of being killed by fire or automobile).

And now, predictably, it’s happened again. A Continental Connection Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 aircraft, en route from Newark to Buffalo, has gone down near the city of Buffalo killing all 48 passengers and crew on board and one on the ground. The BBC reports that the plane seems to have just dropped off the radar and out of the sky and on an unsuspecting person’s house. No, there was no miracle water landing this time, and the pilots don’t seem to have tried to avoid casualties on the ground or just couldn’t.

Call me crazy, but I think it perhaps might be better for Obama to spend America’s dwindling resources on making civilian air travel safer, rather than on provoking war with defenseless states around the world and a new cold war with whoever disagrees with America’s elevated view of her own role in the world. But because the craven people of America exercise no supervision over the American “government”, they can hardly be heard to complain when their neo-con chickens come home to roost.

And that’s only, of course, talking incompetence in the airline field. It’s to say nothing of America’s relentless, barbaric — but ultimately disastrous — provocations in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Venezuela and elsewhere, just begging extremists to lash out at America’s civil air traffic — like they already did once before with horrendous consequences for themselves, for America and for the world. Even without reference to the need to protest American aggression against sovereign states there are many compelling reasons to stand intellectually united against America.


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