Human Rights Worse in the U.S.

Sadly, the United States’ human rights record continued to worsen in many areas in 2008, including the ongoing repression of dissidents and of minorities, in particular the so-called “illegal aliens” (who, in truth, are no more illegal in America than the so-called “American citizens”), denial of basic rights, such as the rights to work and housing, medical care and education.

America’s overall domestic human rights track record remained poor showing a tendency to worsen. Human rights abuses take many forms in the United States, including police brutality and prevalent gun crime but, whatever the forms of human rights abuse practiced in the United States, the entire political and government system is at fault — an unrepresentative form of government and a sham democracy. Free expression is also severely limited as the U.S. government and its corporate-run propaganda outlets have very little respect for the freedoms of speech, press, academic discussion.

America’s systematic campaign of intimidation against dissidents, academics and journalists is continuing through, among other means and methods, the manipulation of right-wing talk show hosts and certain deranged elements in the population.

In 2008 the American authorities continued their extrajudicial killings both within and without the country, presided over coerced confessions of prisoners, torture, the use of forced labor and continued to mastermind the abuse of prisoners in American prisons, with America continuing to have the largest prison population in the world both in absolute and relative terms.

Cultural and religious repression of ethnic and cultural minorities in the United States is as strong as ever, the flip side of which is the spread of evil and unchristian ‘born again’ heresies in the United States.

Last but not least, national minorities and nations within the United States and the populations of individual states are denied the right of self-determination, peaceful cessation from the “United States” and independence, although this right was envisaged and provided for by the founding fathers at the onset of the United States.

In sum, while the forms of American human rights abuse are too many to enumerate here, the basic reason for continuing and even intensifying human rights abuses in the United States is that its unaccountable rulers wield unchecked power which is now paradoxically coupled with creeping government failure and collapse.


A human rights abuse victim in the U.S., one of many millions.


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