Is the Economic Crisis Bad for Brown?

The current favorite game in Britain is Brown-watching as people look for evidence of the extreme effects the crisis is having on Britain’s unelected but all-powerful leader, Gordon Brown. Recently the much overworked and sickly Brown started to go blind in his only remaining “good” eye as the economic crisis is piling pressure on him (or is somebody poisoning him? Wouldn’t be the first time in Britain), on his ruling “party” and on the regime as a whole. There is however little evidence of Brown thinking of surrendering his leadership even though it is clear that he is not doing well in any department, including his physical health.

British regimes never really trust their own people (Churchill, a bigger proponent of eugenics than even the Nazis were, reportedly wanted to “euthanize” a third of Britain’s population in order to improve its genetic stock), and the current government is no exception. It seems Mr. Brown is banking on deceiving the population into thinking that the crisis has global causes and can be overcome only through concerted efforts on the part of the international community and that he has a role to play in finding a solution. This is not necessarily untrue, in certain aspects. Brown knows full well that he can do nothing from Britain and that what’s happening to his nation is a tectonic shift in the global economy which will inevitably leave Britain stranded on the periphery and discarded like a used condom. However  Brits, long used to being lied to by their leaders, pay little attention to Brown’s propaganda offensive which does not fool them as much as it fools foreign leaders.

Surprisingly, there have been relatively few calls for Brown to resign despite the fact that it has been recently revealed that unemployment now exceeds 2 million people and that 10 people are chasing every single job vacancy in the UK.

But we should not get carried away. Britain may be as never before close to a catastrophic event yet it remains an evil regime with a tight grip on the media (the quality toilet backside wipe-sheet of The Times of London in particular leading a government serving media pack) and the puppet institutions of “representative democracy” operating solely “for show”.

At this juncture seasoned Britain watchers, like myself, will be searching for telltale signs of a traditional British power struggle. Before collapse, if we get lucky, we might even be treated to a full-blown coup which is always interesting in the extreme. British spooks are the ones to watch. The last time the British economy was as bad — in the early 1970s, Harold Wilson nearly got overthrown by the spooks (who are running the show and are everywhere in Britain) acting in cahoots with the military and the Royals.

Interesting times are ahead.


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