What Britain Wants

Britain’s economy is reeling from the effect of a sharp fall in demand for its financial services and for its other few products — yes, there are some products that Britain still tries hard to sell internationally — although with less and less success.

The 2009 budget is expected to have a record deficit and analysts predict that the country is not going to emerge from its recession any time soon. Some have spoken of a 100 years recession taking hold in Britain.

Britain’s stock markets have plunged in recent months and so far failed to recover, its currency has fallen dramatically and the Bank of England has no hard currency to support the not-so-sterling pound.

The country has also seen unemployment rise sharply recently.

Social unrest has already broken out recently — in January this year there were vicious xenophobic demonstrations against foreign workers in Britain. Today Britain also saw some of the most intense anti-globalization protests in her troubled history. However the regime in Britain is very lucky in that it has so far managed to divert the protests into an anti-G20 mold. Mr. Brown has been successful at blaming the world economic situation for Britain’s inherent and endemic malaise.

It’s also been suggested that the crisis might encourage rebels in the British-occupied North of Ireland to resume their long-running armed struggle for independence from Britain.

Overseas investment in the country is also being deterred by the perception (which is not that far from reality) that Britain will soon be unable to service its debts, to repay the principal or even to pay out interest. A recent issue of government debt bonds failed to find any buyers. In addition, more and more individuals and economic entities see British financial services for they really are — a huge con op perpetrated by the City to steal money from foreign economic operators by way of commissions, fees, etc. charged for providing services one would have done better without.

There is also widespread cynicism as to the ability or even willingness of the New Labor government to find an effective solution for the many problems that Britain now faces.

So what Britain wants is to raise (read: steal) more money for herself from foreign investors, companies and other economic operators.

After centuries of British financial scams perhaps it is now time to know better than to be fooled by Britain yet again.


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