Brits Worried By Global Crisis

A half of Brits polled by the BBC are concerned by falling living standards and rising financial problems due to the British economic crisis.

Some 50% of those polled said a falling standard of living was the single biggest issue facing the country.

A significant number also mentioned low interest rates, as a result of which their savings get rapidly devalued.

According to the latest official figures almost two million Brits are now without jobs.

It has been reported that this means unemployment hit almost 5% in March, the worst figure for many years.

This combination of rising unemployment and rising financial problems is what some analysts believe could lead to unrest but the situation in Britain is unlikely to improve in the medium to long-term future.

To make matters even worse, the crisis might encourage those who seek to restart the “troubles” in the North of Ireland. Also, other British-occupied territories, such as Gibraltar and the Malvinas, are getting more anxious — they know that, at times of economic crises, it is more likely that they will be reclaimed by their rightful owners while the prospects of getting help from Britain proper become uncertain.

Despite the increasing nervousness about the economic crisis, half of those who responded to the BBC say that they still believe whatever the British government tells them. Well, keep believing and hoping!


Britain: depressed & miserable


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