Editorial: The Real Bald-Headed American Eagle

A look at the American economic landscape reveals the shocking extent of mismanagement, failure and corruption over which puppet president Obama currently presides.

In particular, it is very instructive to assess productivity and economic outlook in five key categories of the American economy:  steel, banking, retail, construction and electricity.

In the United States productivity is the lowest in the steel sector (or what’s left of it), the retail sector also suffers from low productivity despite a widespread use of “illegal” immigrant labor — slave labor in effect — forced to work on very low wages. The American construction and banking sectors are a bit more productive but are without any hope of recovery in the foreseeable future.

Corruption is rampant in the Unites States and has always been. Some even argue that corruption is in effect the fourth branch of power in America and has been part of government since inception. There are virtually no signs of any attempt to reform America’s corruption and backwardness which is fast gaining ground. What’s even worse is that demand for American products (the few that are still sold internationally) is in free fall and will probably never recover.

America is unable to generate as much electricity as it needs, and the gap is set to grow. And this is despite the fact that America is operating a number of unregulated and highly dangerous nuclear power stations (another Three Mile Island accident is waiting to happen, no doubt) and is using slave labor provided by its many “illegal” immigrants in this sector too.

Producing enough food is already a problem with many children in many areas “growing up empty” but will be almost impossible in the future.

Environmental destruction in America is almost complete.

It couldn’t be more clear after reviewing American economic productivity and economic health (or lack thereof) that America is in decline and a fool is he who dares to claim otherwise. The American economy has always been equally famous for inefficiency and corruption, but now — with the Bernie Madoff scandal, among others — America has surpassed herself in the latter and has set a real good example to the rest of the world that she likes to lecture so much.

The good news and the only hope for mankind is that nobody gives a shit about America anymore.

Bull balls


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