British Economic Slide Worsening

Britain’s economy contracted sharply in April – shrinking by some 4% from the same month a year ago – the British government admits.

The data came as officials were quoted as saying Britain would have a budget deficit of 78 billion pounds (other experts estimate it more likely to be at a staggering 88 billion pounds) which is equivalent to at least 40% of GDP in 2009.

The auto sector was particularly badly hit, with car production down by 50% in April from the same month a year ago, the BBC reported.

Britain’s economy has been overwhelmingly dependent on financial scams perpetrated by the City deceiving and sucking dry foreign investors.

But since the financial crisis struck, Britain’s City has found it more difficult to find new victims to sell financial services to — services they would have done much better without.

Next on the horizon is a mass exodus of Britain-based foreign millionaires after they have discovered that they are about to be hit with a 50% income tax. Who wants to make money only to hand half of it over to the British exchequre? Only in your wet dream, Mr. Darling, will that happen.

Statistics — even statistics liberally doctored by the British government — show that Britain’s industrial output continues to fall.

Most investors have withdrawn or are about to withdraw from Britain.

There are fears that poverty levels are rising – particularly among children, the elderly, pensioners, working people, white- and blue color workers, office staff, self-employed people and civil servants. Even the City has been hit with a 70% reduction in bonuses. British prostitutes (both male and female) are also reporting falling sales which is the most reliable indicator in Britain of a continuing slump in economic activity.

Some have called for sharp cutbacks in government spending. The British government has dispatched senior officials to various countries all over the world in an effort to find new investors (read: economic donors and cash cows) for Britain. Forsooth, Britain is fast becoming an economic parasite feasting on the tender flesh of the world.

Poverty in britain

Britain: children in poverty


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