The British Conspiracy

The domination of the world by means of a conspiracy by a nation or a social group is not a new notion. In fact, it is a very old notion. At various times different nations or social groups were accused of exercising control over, or having undue influence on, the world by perpetrating a conspiracy.

Most recently, the Jews were misguidedly accused of it by the Nazis. But the Nazis were stupid, their judgment was clouded by their virulent racism and hatred of peoples better than, or different from, themselves and so they missed the real world-wide conspirators with a centuries-long pedigree (from whom they were themselves not that far removed).

How does Britain manage to always punch above its weight on the international stage? (Some would say Britain punches not above its weight but above its height… and always hits others below the waist but that doesn’t change anything). A tiny island nation like that on the periphery of the world — not even in Europe in strict geographic terms and not anywhere?

Simple, Britain lives off the world like a parasite by means of a world-wide conspiracy, aka the British conspiracy, formerly known as the Imperial conspiracy. The fact that a language (American) similar to her own is currently the world’s language helps. As helps the fact the British had managed to place their own people at senior positions in all international institutions and organizations — from the United Nations and its agencies all the way down to various international sports associations — wherever you look there sure is a Brit not far from you appearing to mind his own business but inevitably keeping a watchful beady eye on you too. Forget about the common good of humanity — the Brits are not there for that and never were — they are there solely to promote British interests either directly (when it suits them) or in a round-about way (and it suits them even more that way). British agents infiltrated many national governments and especially that of the United States.

Why is Britain doing this? Britain is doing it because it needs to do it to survive. Britain can only avoid the death of irrelevancy by conspiring against the world to stay “important” in the eyes of everybody else.

Britain’s strategy for satisfying its undiminished desire for supremacy is therefore to ride on the back of the United States like a vermin-infested monkey dropping its flees by the bucket-load on its carrier (the flees that will eventually make the powerful but dumb America scratch herself to death) whilst picking all the best fruit.

But — beware America! — signs are Britain is looking for a new vehicle — for near-future use and is turning to China now whom she has appointed the next dumb giant to suck blood from.


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2 Responses to “The British Conspiracy”

  1. Jim Says:

    Aha…..fell of the psychiatrists couch again!


  2. yankophobe Says:



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