British Joke Explained

I’ve received a number of requests to explain one particular British joke poking some (and not at all good-natured) fun at the Americans. This is the joke: Statistically… 9/11 Americans won’t get this joke.

Well, I am willing to oblige, why not? Here’s my explanation for those that don’t get the joke. Clearly it works on several levels, has several meanings, admits of several interpretations as jokes do — and all at the same time, that is, simultaneously — which creates the desired “humorous” effect.

“9/11 Americans…” may mean “9 out of 11 Americans …won’t get this joke” implying that (statistically) most American people are stupid and so won’t get it. But then “9/11″ also refers to the terror attacks on the twin towers in New York and on the Pentagon which, as is known, took place on September 11, commonly abbreviated as 9/11 (nine-eleven). At this point, the joke already means that the Americans won’t get it (1) because they are too stupid to realize it’s about September 11 and that the joke is on them, (2) because they won’t see it as a joke should they get it (which is unlikely) while also possibly implying that (3) statistically the 9/11 Americans “won’t get this joke” because they won’t get any joke anymore seeing as they were killed in said terrorist attacks and their last joke was the 9/11 joke (and they were the butt of it).

Phew… that is then the meaning behind the joke possibly with some other overtones or connotations or maybe even permutations but you should get the idea at this juncture.

So what do you do when you hear it or (more likely) come across it on the Internet?  Breaking some British snouts sounds like a good idea. But I suggest you come right back at the unfunny British horrors with this joke, “Statistically… 7/7 Brits won’t get this joke”. Work this one out for yourself, if you please.

(hint: 7/7 refers to “7 out of 7 Brits” (because statistically Brits are all stupid, no?) and also to the July 7 attacks in London).



5 Responses to “British Joke Explained”

  1. Emely Luginbill Says:

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  2. Tosh Says:

    Wow, I stumbled across your site randomly, and I must say, it’s either the blackest satire, or, you are a f*cking imbecile. ( which seems more likely ) I’m english an I’ve never heard that joke, nor know anyone who would find that amusing. You have a ridiculously twisted view of the world. It’s pretty disturbing.


  3. AMN Says:

    That’s bullshit if British people thinks its funny that terrorists attacks that knock down buildings and kill 2,977 is funny then they are just tea sipping fagots and trust me I’ll will laugh my ass off and be the first one to make up a joke when something bad happens them…Ang Moh-Limey-Pommy-Soutie-Sayip-Inselaffen-Redcoat ass bitches


  4. jokesonyou Says:

    You must be American because you didn’t get the joke either. 🙂


  5. Angus Says:

    @AMN lol think about how many times you’ve made a holocaust joke in your lifetime. Americans make jokes like that (which about 6 million jews died in) and you bitch when people make fun of good ‘ole ‘murica. So please shut the fuck up.

    -from, A fellow american.


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