A Joke About the English

What’s one joke that best describes the English (and by extension, the British)?

For me it’s this rather ancient American joke:

An Englishman in a locked compartment on a train without a toilet asks his American seat-companion’s permission to relieve himself on a spread newspaper, which he then folds up and flings out the window.

The American, who cannot avoid watching the entire procedure, lights up a long black cigar to cover some of the fecal odor.

“I say!” says the Englishman, “you know, this isn’t a smoking compartment!”

I personally think this is funny and it sounds almost like a true story.

And this is what the English are really like — they have been crapping all over the world without rhyme or reason almost in an exact same fashion but are always raising a huge stink whenever anybody is trying to complain (or at least not to watch or smell whatever they are up to).



One Response to “A Joke About the English”

  1. michael thorn Says:

    Is this coming from an American?
    A country that still executes people!W
    where people still sport mullets and wear dungarees and was originally made up of religious fanatics and more to the point still is!
    You fucking hypocritical FREAKS!


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