Will America Survive 2043?

The United States recently marked its 200 and something-th anniversary.

But will it live to be one thousand? Three hundred? Hell, will it survive the year 2043?

Well, according to the following, it won’t — not as we know it now anyway:

2040:中国人均经 济与欧美打平,中国全面统治世界,顶峰时间2043年。
2050:中国模式推广全世界,中国经济顾问和军事据点遍布全世界,全世界扶植傀儡政 权和亲华政权,中国模式下全球化建立

This is actually a road map and timetable for the glorious rise of China (+/ -2 years):

2020: China’s economy surpasses that of the United States;

2030: China overcomes the United States economically, militarily, politically, culturally;

2040: China’s per capita income is tied with Europe and the United States, China fully rules the world, the peak time in 2043.

2050: Chinese model is promoted all over the world, China’s economic advisers and military bases are placed strategically around the world, the world supports the global puppet regime run by China and the pro-China government, China’s model of globalization is spread all over the world, the United States is a colony of China.

So will we say bye-bye to America in the year 2043?


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