Environmental Disasters Loom Large in Britain this Summer

Britain is becoming an environmental disaster zone this summer. Even more so than usual.

First, there is not enough good quality water for drinking or other household purposes or even for industrial purposes.

Hose-pipe bans are now in effect almost all over Britain. Soil waters are seriously depleted and even this year’s humid summer has so far done nothing to restore subsurface water levels. This is bad news for Britain as it means that the human waste matter that its bloated population produces (which is about the only thing that it can produce in abundance) can no longer naturally dissolve and contaminates both surface and sub-surface water bodies. Concentrations of fecal bacteria are especially high in British potable water this summer as well in the soil and even on the hands of Brits or visitors to their unhealthy country.

Extreme over-population in Britain does nothing to improve the situation. Most major rivers in Britain are literally clogged with human waste matter as well as human hair and other by-products of humanity.

Coastal waters around Britain and in the Channel are also polluted, with a high concentration of poisonous British sewage observed spreading in many areas. In fact, British sewage may have spread as far as deep into the Atlantic ocean and way down to the Mediterranean putting the livelihoods of Dutch, Danish, French and even Spanish fishermen under threat.

At least 68 people have died so far this summer from minor scratches and insect bites which, in the polluted environment of Britain, can and do lead quickly to blood poisoning, meningitis and other dangerous conditions.

Moderate and humid almost throughout the year without major temperature fluctuations, the climate on the British Isles is very good for the reproduction of dangerous bacteria even at the best of times, and so even a minor scratch can become your last if left untreated.

Many children are also at risk as their families cannot afford foreign holidays this summer at safer locations abroad and are forced to go on “staycations” in Britain instead — with its host of overwhelming ecological, epidemiological and other problems.

No improvement in the overall situation is expected this summer (or any other time of the year, really).

Paradoxically, the depletion of water resources in Britain may be coupled with the danger of extreme flooding expected to occur later in the current month (August) or later in the year which is expected to be very wet.

Out of control

The government is reluctant to acknowledge that the situation in Britain is out of control because it can do nothing to improve it. Nor does the British Government have any funds left to invest in any serious life-saving or environmental protection effort.

Overall the situation with public and environmental health and safety is dangerously unpredictable in Britain, and this even not taking into account various social ills.

Anyone should think (at least) twice before deciding to visit Britain.

C’mon David, as ugly as you are (especially in the face), do you really have to pull faces?


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