Taliban Vow to Continue Fighting, Target the British

Senior Taliban officials dismissed as unfounded all reports of negotiations with the puppet Karzai government and vowed to continue fighting to victory.

At the same time, British occupation troops in Afghanistan completed recently several sham offensives, aimed mainly for domestic consumption and having no military importance. In fact, great care was taken by senior British commanders not to encounter any enemy forces.

On the other hand, top commanders of the Afghan anti-occupation and anti-Nato fighters (aka the “Taliban”) vowed to continue fighting despite having difficulty in locating foreign occupation forces in recent months.

Also, they seem to have identified the British contingent in particular as the weakest link of the occupation, any defeat to which will inevitably make the coalition collapse.

But the biggest difficulty that they are facing now is however finding and engaging British troops because they seem to have withdrawn from all battle zones and retreated into their “strong”points, i.e. bases, etc., in the hope to finally shift the burden of fighting onto American shoulders — perhaps mindful of their own fragility.

This desire to win wars through somebody else’s exertions whilst suffering no blood guilt at all themselves is nothing new but a feature of almost every single war that Britain “fought” during the modern times.

Well, good luck to them and may the just and the most deserving win.

British Dogs of War


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