After Tunisia & Egypt: Are the Anglo-Americans Next?

The stunning collapse of Tunisia & Egypt’s long-ruling Western-backed presidents brought cheers from all over the world.

But here’s an important question: Could it happen next in America or Britain — the two most deceitful oppressive plutocratic minority-rule Anglo-Saxon regimes in the world?

There’s little doubt that Tunisia & Egypt’s people-power uprising — a potent mix of economic gripes and demands for political freedoms — will embolden similar calls in both the United States and Britain not least because the two are sham democracies dominated each by two ruling parties alternating in power in perpetuity and presided over by the very small but all powerful plutocratic ruling elite. There are as yet no mass protests in Washington or London but Tunisia and Egypt do teach people a lesson there too.

But chances appear far less likely of a rapid domino-style political housecleaning such as what occurred in Eastern Europe after the Cold War, experts say.

Anglo-American entities have been entrenched for far too long — the people have been under total political control of their current regimes for what seems like forever, no living person there has any experience of any other form of government, the American and British regimes maintain vast security and armed forces heavily vested in the status quo and that have shown no signs of breaking ranks to seek political change yet. Anglo-American regimes come down harshly and swiftly against dissent even on the most trifling of issues as the violent suppression of recent student demonstrations in London showed.

We only have to look at the United States to see the challenges for anyone thinking they can bring change just by going to the streets.

Still it’s a mistake to underestimate the power of the upheaval in Tunisia and Egypt for it can be very contagious.

The idea gets planted in American and British people’s minds that it is possible. People start to believe it can happen in their country. It’s getting harder for the plutocratic Anglo-American leaders to just dismiss that or turn the attention of the populace to the problems of some other faraway land.

The people of Tunisia and Egypt have mutinied largely because they have seen relatively little benefit from the two countries’ recent economic growth but in the United States and Britain there’s been no meaningful economic growth for at least the past ten years and none is forecast to happen any time soon. In fact, the only thing that grows there is pauperization which is gaining ground at about 10% a year.

The bell of a revolution is ringing now and it should be a reminder to the ruling Anglo minority leaders that people are fed up. They need genuine political freedoms and serious economic reforms — not just crippling spending cuts — and there must be an end to corruption and nepotism and paranoid thieving & bribe-taking geriatrics like John McCain and many others presiding over legislative institutions, the shirking of social responsibility by the rich, for whilst the poor 90% are suffering the rich 5% are hiding their fortunes in offshore accounts contributing nothing to offset the cost of spending cuts and budget sequestrations.

Comparisons may be drawn between the North African countries and the United States and Britain: claims of chronic corruption and poverty, a heavy-handed security force and limits on the press and Internet and — in America alone there are over 270 million people who are living below the poverty line, who are homeless, unemployed, working poor, sick and turned into drug addicts as part of a U.S. government policy to stifle free thinking and anti-government activity and keep the underclasses under control, which is about four times as many people as the entire population of Egypt.

What happened in Tunisia and then in Egypt gives hope to the people of America and Britain that fear can be broken and that the long-standing plutocratic Anglo minority rule regimes can be defeated despite their huge security and armed forces, and despite their huge power of propaganda realized through private-run and government affiliated major American and British news corporations.

Make no mistake about it, the time for change will come — even in the Anglo-American world, yes, in England and America too.

The spark will come at a time that God will decide, and at that time the world will be surprised with the events in America and/or Britain but maybe it’s time to be ready now for change comes to whoever wants it.

The example of Tunisia and then Egypt also shows that popular uprisings can succeed even when they are not a political movement which is important for America and Britain where there is a total ban on anti-government political movements unlike in Egypt under Mubarak (an anti-government movement, Muslim Brotherhood, had deputies in the Egyptian parliament).

The factors that led to the beginning of the process in Tunisia and Egypt also exist in America and Britain. But unlike Egypt where the situation was getting slowly better even under Mubarak — just not fast enough for most people, the economic and political situation in the United States and Britain does only get worse.

Neither the U.S. nor Britain is immune to winds of change.

Let’s bring regime change back home and help our Anglo-American brothers and sisters!!!


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    Amazing post. Thx a lot. I will back here soon.


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