Human Rights (if Any) in U.S. in 2010

The United States Government stuck with its policy of denial of basic human rights to its population in 2010 whilst continuing to abuse all other human rights — the overall situation with human rights continued to deteriorate in the United States.

The incidence of human rights abuses and violations in the United States of America is higher than in any other country in the world, both in absolute and relative terms, and is probably higher than in most other countries of the world taken together.

Human rights violations recorded and documented in the United States over the past year include (but are not limited to) restrictions on electronic communications, print media, denial of basic human rights as well as denial of the freedom of expression and the right of free speech in America, extra-judicial killings inside and outside the United States carried out by the American authorities, both civilian and military, discrimination against minorities, populations of individual states and individual nations in the United States, denial of a right to a regime change, to cessation from the United States, continuing oppression of foreign nations, occupations of foreign lands all over the world and other numerous and serious crimes and abuses.

America’s domestic human rights track record showed no improvement at all in 2010. The United States continued to imprison its own people, in particular its minorities, at the highest rate in the world.

The United States maintained its unprecedented efforts to monitor internet use, to control the flow of information and to encourage and impose self-censorship, to stifle any form of dissent. Also, the United States Government continued to abuse electronic communications by routinely collecting sensitive data on virtually every American citizen and on many foreign users of electronic communications. Such information will almost certainly be used against those, on whom it was collected.

Of all the basic human rights proclaimed by the UN Declaration on Human Rights such as the right to housing, work, education, rest and medical care, free elections as well as the rights of children, not a single one, repeat, not a single one is guaranteed in the United States. Basic human rights are denied to an overwhelming majority of the American population whose homes and jobs can be taken from them at the snap of a finger of someone in authority with little (if any) formality, whilst most cannot afford any education or qualified medical care.

Gun violence and police brutality remained on a high level, with over 30 thousand people killed during the year again just as the year before, including multiple shootings and stabbings taking place on average every single day in America. The activity of organized and “unorganized” crime contributed to the bleak human rights situation in the United States.

The arbitrary division between the so-called “American citizens” and “illegal immigrants” or “aliens” was maintained and enforced although the so-called illegals or aliens are as legal in America as the so-called “legal” American citizens. The division is entirely arbitrary and is open to abuse and is in fact abused routinely: illegal immigrants are used in effect as cheap slave labor to prop up the sagging American economy and are disproportionately the victims of human trafficking, enslavement and sex abuses.

In the past year there were no changes in the form of government in the United States — an unrepresentative form of plutocracy with undemocratic institutions, such as the electoral college, based on the denial of the right to have direct democratic elections, originally conceived solely as a means of preventing even the remotest possibility of black Americans being able to elect a black person president.

The United States Government’s and corporate propaganda outlets (government-affiliated all of them) continued to dominate the mainstream media showing no respect for any unbiased reporting of events or for the freedoms of speech, press or uninhibited academic discussion.

America’s systematic campaign of intimidation against dissidents, academics and journalists continued unabated in 2010 and is well documented. Freedom of speech campaigner Julian Assange was relentlessly persecuted by the United States Government in 2010. Bradley Manning, a journalistic source ans whistle-blower, was imprisoned in 2010 without any trial and is being tortured whilst being held in continuous detention without trial. He is the most well-known political prisoner in America but not at all the only one. Several dozens of journalists and media people were either gunned down or battered to death in the USA in 2010.

Also, in 2010 the American authorities continued their campaign of extrajudicial killings inside and outside the United States, presided over coerced confessions of prisoners, kidnapping and trafficking of people, torture and the use of forced labor.

In Afghanistan and Iraq America’s military committed grave human rights violations, abuses and crimes. Thus, violence and human rights violations in Afghanistan rose dramatically. Frustrated with the lack of any success, the American armed forces appear to be deliberately targeting civilians in order to intimidate them and to discourage any support for the Taliban, the anti-occupation movement. On average over 50 civilians are killed every day in Afghanistan by the US and Nato. One particular “kill” team of American soldiers murdered at least 3,000 Afghan civilians for no other reason but their own sick gratification.

Discrimination against ethnic, religious and cultural minorities in the United States is rampant.

In 2010 national minorities and nations within the United States and the populations of individual “states” were again denied the right of self-determination, peaceful cessation from the “United States” and independence. No discussion is even allowed on this subject in the mainstream media in the United States.

The United States maintained its hold on illegally acquired overseas territories, denying their populations the right of self-determination and maintaining its Imperial ambitions in defiance of specific UN resolutions on the subject.

The people of the United States are denied the right to have a peaceful regime change, to try a new and better (or just different) form of government in place of the current rigid plutocratic system with sham elections.

In summary, human rights violations, abuses and crimes in the United States were numerous and very serious in 2010 and continued to grow, whilst the authorities turned a blind eye again just as in the previous years, and there are no prospects for improvement in the foreseeable future. The human rights outlook for 2011 remains especially bleak.


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