Only in America: They Gouge Eyeballs Out, Don’t They

The most bizarre crimes are committed in our beloved United States of America. They are committed very often, indeed. Almost every day. And even more often than that. Bizarre crimes are as frequent in America as multiple shootings and stabbings. That means they are really, like, frequent.

As to why it is so, nobody really knows, maybe it’s something to do with what Americans like to eat, to drink or even with the air that they get. Maybe it has something to do with the environment. Then again, maybe it has something to do with their history, you know, take something for nothing, grab and kill, starting a nation on somebody else’s land even before happily killing all its original inhabitants? Letting Satan in their collective hearts in return for freedom from their Imperial masters (and breaking the sanctity of oath in the process)? Then bringing millions of others from across the oceans to slave for them under different guises — a process which is still continuing? Who knows? But it’s a fact — if you look for the most bizarre crimes committed on this beautiful planet of ours, the United States of America is where you go.

A horrific attack was perpetrated in Alabama, where a man took his elderly uncle’s eyeballs out with a SPOON and left them in a trash can. I guess he couldn’t bear to look into them.

Timayo Knight, 31, allegedly took out the eyes of his uncle, Bonnie Pogue, 79, and left a bloody spoon on the kitchen table in Prichard, Alabama.

Mr Pogue, a disabled U.S. Air Force veteran, survived the attack but is now in a serious condition in a local hospital’s intensive care unit, police said.

And as Satan would have it but only in America, a similarly gruesome crime was committed some 700 miles away.

A husband whose wife rejected his sexual advances pounced on her, dragged her by the hair and gouged out her eyes with his fingers.

Eugene Roman, 50, gouged out his own eyes while in a Miami jail for beating her up and later did the same to her in a horrific attack that left the 48-year-old partially blind.


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  1. Brian Franklin Says:

    so fake


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