British Sewage Strikes Again, Spreads, Could Be Causing E. Coli Epidemic

Long in the past are those haloed times (I mean if they ever were) when Britain was an industrial powerhouse of the world producing large numbers of industrial goods of reasonable quality. In this day and age, the only thing that Britain can produce on mass is… raw sewage (either that or bullshit coming from the mouths of her top politicians — both are toxic in equal measure).

Yes, raw British sewage is a concern — and not only for the British themselves but also for those unlucky enough to be their closest neighbors — and the problem is Britain does produce a lot of sewage, in fact, the highest amount per square mile and per biped creature anywhere in the world.

It is dumped into British rivers and the sea around the islands but is only partially treated — and often — left entirely untreated. Small wonder, for British sewage treatment plants are all very old, mostly based on the early 1900s technologies and are simply ineffective and on many occasions are either overflown or by-passed anyway when dumping Britain’s only mass produce.

As a result, most English beaches are unsafe as they and the waters around them are contaminated with sewage bacteria. What’s more, British sewage even threatens international waters as its unstoppable spread continues.

Some experts believe that British sewage slicks have traveled across the seas as far the European continent, including the North German coastline, and may be even carrying the very bacteria that are behind the E. Coli epidemic currently being battled in Germany.

Unsinkable! Here flows Britain’s biggest export.

And now, ladies and gents, have a look at a giant British turd. Turds like that you get in the oceans all around the British Isles and beyond for many miles.

Brit turd


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