USA, Threat to Internet Freedom

While advocating, and paying a lot of lip-service to, Internet and online freedoms, the US government unscrupulously monitors, controls and restricts its citizens’ and foreign nationals’ rights to said freedoms when it comes to its own interests and needs.

The US government runs an unprecedented Internet monitoring program. Virtually every message, every post, every text and every bit of information posted online is automatically scanned for specific key words in many languages (don’t expect them to be related to terrorism only, and in any case the key word set can be expanded at any time and at the whim of the US authorities).

There are a number of other countries that indulge in heavy internet monitoring, censorship and abuse, including the United Kingdom.

While in theory the United States disassociates itself, and is critical of such practices, in reality however it acts as the world’s Internet censor but, in so doing, is guided solely by its perceived interests and needs and occasionally by its desire to harm other nations or entities.

The United States government uses slurs, lies and deceits to attain its goals in monitoring and controlling the Internet. It also gets Youtube and other video hosting sites to remove video clips which it deems harmful to its interests and so removes the largest amount of user uploaded videos of any other government.

On top of that — and really unlike no one else — it even abuses ICANN and uses it to block websites from viewing.

According to Julian Assange, the USA blocks WikiLeaks, and at least 56 other websites.


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