Another Soros’ Scam Coming

Looks like the capitalist whore and Obama’s brown noser George Soros has figured out how to perpetrate another major scam.

A lot of time has passed since his last major success — when he broke the Bank of England and made a $1bn profit — ultimately at the expense of Britain’s working people.

Soros also initially caused the 1997 Asian crisis by engineering the collapse of the Thai baht but was unable to profit from it as the crisis took on a life of its own, spread and eventually devastated Soros’ own holdings.

Now however, with his ill-gotten capital steadily depleting, and without any major inflows for a long time, he is desperate for another go — this time he wants to break the humped camel back of both America and the International Fund by getting them to give him $20bn (how his appetites have grown — faster than crapitalist inflation) under the pretext of taking on Russia… that is the gist of a number of articles he seems to have placed in various puppet capitalist MSM outlets.




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