Disgusting Habits of American Presidents


America has had forty plus presidents in her very short but eventful history (which is still continuing).  Among them were some truly disgusting and repulsive individuals, by anyone’s standards. No, not from the viewpoint of their policies but in terms of their personal habits and ways. And the malaise started right with the first one.

America’s first president, I think it was George Washington, was a committed slave owner, a driver of Negroes so to speak, until his very death. Such a die-hard slave owner was he that he refused to set his slaves free during his life and only granted them freedom (or what passes for it in America) posthumously.

Thomas Jefferson, who also was a slave owner (as were most of the founding fathers), had an unhealthy predilection for young slave girls. He apparently had sexual intercourse with many who would now be classed as minors…

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