Obama is…

Obama is…

Obama is the most murderous black man in the history of humanity with some 300,000 killed directly as a result of his policies with millions more affected collaterally, mostly civilians, with up to 70 wars and conflicts and covert operations pursued simultaneously worldwide. In this way he is a PR disaster to his own race which, until Obama became president, could claim to have been the only one whose people never engaged in mass killings or oppression. Obama though proves now the black man is potentially as evil and as murderous the white or yellow one. Maybe the black race could disown him. After all, he is not a true black man more like a mutt of uncertain origin. But then the mixed race people won’t be too happy to count him as one of their own either.

Obama is one who introduced a new method of indiscriminate murder of combatants and civilians alike by using remotely-operated drones with dozens of thousands killed during his reign so far, including women, children and innocents, including some Americans and other Westerns. Even the much maligned President Bush held back from droning people to death on such a grand scale although the technology was already available during his reign.

Obama is the most murderous and bloodthirsty and war-mongering Nobel Peace Prize winner ever. They tried to pacify him beforehand by awarding him this prize in advance and they failed spectacularly… but imagine what Obama would have done, had he not been given the prize so maybe just maybe the fools of the Norseman Nobel Peace Price committee achieved something here after all.


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