Bubonic Plague Alive and Killing in the United States

The bubonic plague is alive and continues to make people unwell (and kills them every now and then) in the United States like it is still the Middle Ages in that benighted land.

Plague in the United States

An article titled Why Hasn’t the US Eradicated Plague on the BBC website, says the plague has killed 4 people out of 15 affected this year alone.

Overall, there hasn’t been a year without a case of the plague since at least the year 2000.

The reason that the plague is still alive in the United States is the historic and ongoing destruction and invasion of the natural habitat of animals (especially furry animals that harbor fleas) in the US by elements of the American human population who, when they came first, started off by killing all Native Americans hitherto living more or less in harmony with nature.

But nature fights back and the Black Death, as the plague is traditionally known, is one of her most potent weapons.

The United States is home to some other unusual diseases, including the brain-eating amoeba and the triple E virus, and they, like the plague, continue to kill the continent’s uninvited conquerors striving to restore the natural balance and to save the world.



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