Life Sans Obama Will Only Get Worse

An optimistic bunch, Americans think that life will be better once Obama is booted out of the White House at the end of his second term.


The consumers of 80% of the world’s resources should know that things can only get worse for them, much much worse, even if they are already terrible economy-wise.

First off, 80% of the world’s resources isn’t what it used to be due to depletion of said resources.

Secondly, competition for the remaining slice is really heating up with other nations, small or large, unafraid to challenge the Yanks to their face or stick it to them while they are not looking.

China in particular is all set to deny the United States the use of as many resources as possible by gobbling them up first.

The end result will be a progressively deteriorating State of the Union.

If I were Trump, I wouldn’t want to get into this mess at all.

Case in point



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