Obama is…

Obama is…

Obama is the world’s most murderous Afro-American (and black person in general) with hundreds of thousand dead directly as a result of his policies and millions more affected indirectly.

Obama is the world’s most prolific drone murderer, an enthusiastic adopter of this new way of indiscriminate killing with hundreds of thousand killed by drone, with civilians, including women and children, making up a substantial proportion of Obama’s victims.

Obama is a pothead junkie, a heavy marijuana smoker for many years, with his reasoning and speech badly affected, also a cocaine user.

Obama is the most murderous Nobel Peace Prize winner ever, one to have killed the most after being awarded said title, with conservative estimates of numbers of Obama’s dead standing at least 300,000 dead directly as a result of his exceptionalist American naziist policies and millions more indirectly.

Obama is likely also gay having adopted an ejaculating gay penis doodle as his official White House signature.

obam dork

Obama is an American Nazi having raised his American Exceptionalism rhetoric during his term to an unprecedented level and having made it a guiding principle of the United States’ foreign policy.

In general, American Exceptionalism is expounded the more fiercely, the more American position in the world is eroded and the worse the American economy gets.

Obama is the founder of Obamism, an extreme American Exceptionalist philosophy which contends that the United States is Exceptionalist, that it is illegitimate to oppose the United States, that the United States can do whatever it pleases in the world and others can do nothing without its permission, and that it has the right to forever subjugate the world and all mankind by means military or economic alike, also by spreading American propaganda all over the world.

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