Jo Cox Murder: MI5 At It Again?

The key forensic question to ask with regard to the murder of British MP Jo Cox is Cui bono? aka “in whose benefit”?

And the answer would implicate the British government which is majority pro-EU and Remain, a campaign to stay in the EU.

Only they stand and have already stood to gain from Jo Cox’ murder.

The answer would also strongly implicate Britain’s internal GESTAPO-style police – called MI5.

The MO is also entirely theirs – using a deranged person, either their agent or a person influenced, monitored and allowed to operate by them, to make a political assassination (this case) or to commit a terrorist outrage (7/7).

They also like to kill women specifically for the reason of being dominated by people with homosexual and paedophiliac tendencies.

The murder of Jill Dando may be treated as a precedent here.

Other than that they specialize in “suiciding” people opposing the British government.

It seems that MI5’s “intervention” has met with an unqualified success — today’s reports are all about Remain surging and the pre-murder Leave momentum seemingly broken.

So, can we put this assassination down as another terrorist act by Britain’s terror police – the MI5?

Answer in the comment section.



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