2017 Manchester Arena Bombing: MI5 Responsible, Elites in Disbelief

My analysis of limited and incomplete information as well as MSM decoding and also my decoding of the British propaganda outlet of the BBC lead me to believe that MI5 (and MI6) could be involved in the 2017 May Manchester Arena bombing and that the British Government and the elites were and still are in shock and awe of the bombing, and are in a state of utter disbelief.

It was especially instructive to watch how the BBC News website was reporting the tragedy in the early stages.

It looked as if they couldn’t believe that it could happen in Britain: they did not give the news the headline spot, they started live reporting and then removed it several times and even kept claiming that it could be “some pyros” or a “blown speaker” or a “faulty lighting fixture” when other news outlets were already reporting multiple fatalities.

Since the BBC is nothing but a propaganda arm of the British government, it reflected the shock and awe and the utter disbelief that the lower tiers of the British government and the British elites were experiencing in the wake of the bombing.

Why couldn’t they believe it?

They couldn’t believe it was happening in Britain because of the sheer amount of effort they put into controlling Islamist terror, nurturing it, diverting it elsewhere and encouraging and even guiding it to hit other places and nations.

For example, MI6 set up and curates the so-called “Syrian Observatory”, a terrorist propaganda front, and the British government has been using it to shift the wrath of Islamists on other anti-terror actors like the United States, France or Assad’s Syria itself. There are many other such examples.

Not only the British government encourages Islamist terror, it has penetrated it with multiple agents, it sponsors and leads it on in the hope that there is only so much of it in the world and while Islamist terror is targeting other nations there won’t be enough left to hit Britain with.

Quite cynically the British government and its top security MI5 and MI6 goons believe that while terrorist acts are happening elsewhere Britain is safe and the safer the more there is Islamist terror elsewhere. For this reason they work hard to encourage Islamists to hit various other nations, like France, Belgium, Sweden etc.

Recently the British government said it could withdraw intelligence from the EU post-Brexit thereby de-facto threatening France and other EU nations with acts of Islamist terror by factions that they control and also by factions that they don’t control outright but influence and attempt to guide with their propaganda.

However, while the lower tiers of the British government and the ruling elites were in a state of disbelief, those at the very top were much better informed.

There is a distinct probability that the whole heinous thing could have been ordered from the very top of the British security apparatus.

There should be no doubt that MI5 was directly or indirectly involved in the atrocity as they had been in the previous such acts.

Cui bono analysis definitely implicates the current conservative British government as the only ones standing (and hoping) to gain and benefit from the terrorist act, and MI5 (and MI6) are their servants, the former being Britain’s internal state Gestapo-style terror police, the latter, the external branch of the same.

Salman Abedi was again “known to MI5” (which is really code for MI5 agents) and yet was allowed to operate with impunity, including apparent multiple trips to war zones in Syria and Libya.

In the police state of Britain – with near total round-the-clock surveillance of everyone, it can only mean that he was being used by the MI5 either directly or indirectly.

Either he had been recruited by MI5 and was their agent or they watched and allowed him to operate, possibly leading him on as they like to do.

The reasons for such criminal behavior are too many to enumerate all.

For starters, Cui bono analysis indicates the bombing is generally thought to favor PM May and to undermine Corbin in the forthcoming elections so could be directly ordered by her or her top government goons.

For the main course, there’s the fact that MI5 still needs to eat meaning funding, status, promotions and decorations and there is nothing like a terror bombing to achieve all that and to secure the future for the foreseeable as it was done on 7/7.

Also, the bomb appears too sophisticated so could be the work of MI5 technicians.

What’s more, the choice of target – mainly pre-teen and teen girls – is also consistent with MI5 (and MI6) involvement where there is institutionalized hate of children, women and especially young women for the reason of these agencies of the British state being dominated by individuals with criminal homosexual and pedophiliac / pedophobic tendencies which is well documented.

In sum, while the British elites were in utter disbelief given how they are good friends with Islamist terror, the very select few in Britain have a much better knowledge of the reasons for, and the genesis of, the bombing carried out by the fall guy Abedi.



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