About This Blog

Hi, I am Mr. Yanko Phobe, born some time last century, somewhere on planet earth, and this is my blog focusing mainly on the dark side/s of America and Britain. Well, and why not? Somebody has to do it, it might as well be me. Don’t shoot the messenger.

American and British patriots, enthusiasts and optimists as well as American and British haters of other nations (better than theirs) do have a lot of internet presence, so why not me? I have the same right to freedom of expression as they do and I have a lot more to say.

More to the point, I am an expert on the American Republic and the British Empire, with, I like to think, a particular eye for the untoward, the bizarre, the gross, the criminal, the inhumane, the genocidal and the outright horrible, and there is a lot of it that meets the eye in America and Britain and even more that doesn’t.

So this blog of mine is going to be a long looong loooong project — maybe even as long as the war on terror, it’s already been going for three years at the time of this writing (I mean the blog not the WoT).

As I said I am an expert on the American Republic and the (rump) British empire. I love American and British people, and — ultimately — I want the best for them (not at the expense of others, however) but I do hate their corrupt governments and long-established unchallenged plutocratic regimes as well as their historic legacy and the mayhem they wreaked on the human race.

I should add that I am completely non-judgmental and that I merely record what comes to my attention or seems interesting very much as the legendary chroniclers of old used to do.

There is nothing on this blog that is made up or untrue.

Yanko Phobe

P.S. I understand this blog is full of negativity but the fact of the matter is it is just down to its subject-matter. Simple as. You cannot be positive writing about the two worst things that have happened to humankind. However, some time soon I will start a new blog with a positive outlook and it will be filled with the most wondrously wonderful and uplifting things. But for now I am sticking with this one. I am not hating.

Ya. Ph.

P.P.S. The humorous name “Yankophobe” is meant simply as an urgent, in-your-face challenge to the people of the United States (and Britain) to take responsibility for their own fate and the often criminal actions of their government(s), and for facing their mounting problems with courage, to take responsibility for their murderous and often genocidal history, and is also meant as a challenge to the outside world to demand that they be accountable. I see this challenge as a sign of respect to Americans (Brits), as opposed to the patronizing contempt of so-called “Yankophiles” (“Anglophiles”) who believe that Americans (Brits) are always happy and satisfied with their long-entrenched ruling regimes and are always doing just what the government tells them to.

Peace Out!

I am also the Founder and Director General of the Institute of Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States (“Institute of the USA”), a think tank and a non-commercial entity. Institute of the USA on twitter.


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