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How Many Dead “Terrorists” is the US Budget Worth?

April 16, 2017

Recently the Trump administration ordered (or allowed) the U.S. military now headed by the certifiable loon Mattis to drop their most powerful non-nuclear bomb, the MOAB, on some mountain in occupied Afghanistan.

The bomb caused a minor earthquake and allegedly succeeded in killing 34 IS “terrorists”.

Aside from the moral of labeling people terrorists and killing them indiscriminately by some dumb, if powerful, bomb, here is what else transpires.

A bomb costing US$ 314 million kills 34 IS “terrorists” which makes it US$ 8.7 million per “terrorist” which means the 2017 US budget is good for killing… 6,880 “terrorists”!

I trust you will find there’s many more.

Also, China has nothing to worry about, not now, not ever.


Obama’s True Legacy

January 11, 2017

Obama is all but gone (from the White House) and Obamism is in its violent death throes both domestically and internationally.

Eulogies and crocodile tears aside, let’s look at President Obama’s true legacy focusing on a few most salient points.

Awarded Nobel Peace Prize in advance, even before he acceded to the White House, Obama has been an unmitigated failure in upholding international peace.

While extricating America from the Iraq quagmire as he promised, he continued many wars and conflicts permanently waged by the US military and “intelligence” operatives all other the globe, provoked, fanned and encouraged many new wars and conflicts – so much so that international peace now looks more elusive and unattainable than it ever was before under President Bush (and that’s saying plenty).

Also, he embraced the new technology of distant indiscriminate killing using military aerial vehicles (drones) whereby tens of thousands of people died at the hands of US drone operators, with a substantial majority being innocent civilians, including many women and children. At one point, dozens of women and children were killed every single day in places like Afghanistan, Pakistan, North Africa and later Syria.

Overall, during his tenure Obama is thought to have been responsible for over 300,000 people killed, a majority of whom were Muslim.

While it represents a drop in numbers of killed people compared to President Bush, it still means that Obama not only became the most prolific drone killer in the world but also officially became the most murderous Nobel Peace Prize winner ever after the fact.

I am confident no other Nobel Peace Prize winner has ever killed as many people as Obama did.

Obama’s international military campaigns and adventures, such as Afghanistan, Libya, North Africa, Syria, also resulted in him becoming the world’s most murderous black man surpassing his idol African dictator Idi Amin.

During his second term, as American power became to wane and Obama got more and more irrelevant on the world stage, he developed by way of overcompensation the extreme supremacist nationalist (Nazi) ideology of US exclusiveness and its unique rights to preside over the world and the eternal nature of its dominance, sometimes referred to as Obamism, which ideology he expounded in several well publicized speeches.

As regards, domestic matters, here Obama was more of a talker than a doer.

While articulating good intentions inside the country, ultimately all his policies and innovations – ones that he actually got round to implement as promised — are now doomed under the incoming Trump administration.

Finally, Obama’s inability to hand over the reins of power to his designated successor – Hillary Clinton – thereby ensuring the certain reversal of his domestic policies and “achievements” is perhaps the most emblematic of Obama the failure.


Obama U-Turns on Withdrawal of American Forces from Afghanistan, Islamic Emirate Issues Warning

October 17, 2015

Obama halted the withdrawal of American military forces from Afghanistan in a reversal of his earlier much publicized policy.

The American & Nato occupation, already 14 year-old and hundreds of thousands dead later, is set to continue at least into 2018.

Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan issued a stern and eloquent warning to the American people and government calling for increased attacks on American occupation targets in Afghanistan, quote:

The Islamic Emirate has reiterated time and again that the American forces have no plans of ending the occupation of Afghanistan and all their apparent announcements concerning it are ploys to fool our nation and the American people. Now they have followed it practically by openly declaring that 5500 troops will remain in Afghanistan till the end of 2017.

The Islamic Emirate announces the following in regards to the illogical decision by America:

1. Maintaining America troops in Afghanistan can in no way slow down the rapid process of our Jihad and struggle. The insistence upon policy of war by American officials will only further aggravate the sensitivities of our nation and the region. When attacks begin to intensify against the American invaders, their casualties begin rising and the cost of this futile and unwinnable war in Afghanistan increases, she will willfully begin changing her tyrannical roadmap.

2. If the invaders lost the war in Afghanistan with the presence of hundreds of thousands of troops, their hopes of reversing the tide with five thousand troops are even more misguided. Insisting upon war and occupation will further reduce the support America enjoys around the world and with the American people themselves. America will get entangled in the war inside Afghanistan all by herself such that her fate shall be similar to that of the former Soviet Union.

3. If Obama has taken this paradoxical decision due to the calls by despondent and distressed Kabul officials or due to some other necessity then know that this can never be in the best interest of either America or Afghanistan and shall mostly be harmful for American interests and prestige.

4. We call upon our Mujahideen to intensify their attacks against American targets and to revise, escalate and quicken their plans against their movements, bases and affiliated organs.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

03/01/1437 Hijri Lunar

24/07/1394 Hijri Solar                      

16/10/2015 Gregorian

Crimes of Britain: 14 Years of Occupation of Afghanistan as Part of Nato

October 10, 2015

Latest US War Crime in Kunduz, Afghanistan

October 10, 2015

The US’ latest major war crime happened a week ago when an MSF hospital in Kunduz was bombed, with 22 doctors and staff confirmed killed and over 30 still unaccounted for, presumed killed as well.

The bombing was almost certainly intentional and intended as a message to Taliban after they reportedly managed to shoot down earlier in the week a US C-130 at Jalalabad Airbase with a loss of 12 US personnel and civilians.

In this instance the US forces involved clearly acted in violation of international law as under the laws of war all parties to armed conflicts are required to distinguish at all times between combatants and civilians and direct attacks only at combatants. Indiscriminate attacks are prohibited. All parties must take all feasible precautions to avoid, and minimize, loss of civilian life and injury to civilians

In fact, last week’s Kunduz hospital airstrike is not the only crime the US-led Nato forces willfully perpetrated in Kunduz in their 14-year occupation of Afghanistan.

In an earlier incident, in 2009, they killed over 90 civilians who were burned alive after Nato planes attacked a fleet of fuel trucks.

Boeing Down: Boeing 747 Crashes in Afghanistan

April 30, 2013

A civilian Boeing 747 cargo plane taking off from the Bagram air base, Afghanistan, crashed killing all on board Monday, April 29, 2013.

The aircraft had been contracted out by the U.S. military and had arrived at the base the previous day.

Eyewitnesses said that the 747 had taken off normally but at an altitude of 1,200ft it suddenly dropped out of the sky and hit the ground resulting in a violent explosion.

There are some unconfirmed reports that the crash may be due to the load shifting in the hold of the plane, the plane then pitching up past recovery by the crew with a subsequent stall which caused the crash.

On the other hand, the Taliban lost no time in announcing that they had shot the Boeing down by firing at, and hitting the engines, with an AK-47 rifle. Nato and Isaf denied these reports and claimed there were no Taliban activity at the time and at the location of the crash.

The tragic event comes just a couple days after a U.S. MC-12 military surveillance aircraft crashed apparently due to bad weather, and is also the second Boeing passenger/cargo airliner crash this month (April 2013) after the well-publicized accident in Bali, Indonesia.

Crash at Bagram

CIA Gets Head (of State)

February 7, 2013

The Central Intelligence Agency (the “CIA”) of the United States is about to get a new head, confirmation hearings are ongoing right now (as of February 7, 2013), and I think the prospect of a new CIA head is a good enough reason to revisit some of its old crimes.

Terror is one of the most terrible manifestations of the moral and political crisis and nearing collapse of America’s pseudo-capitalist Imperialist society and the embodiment of lawlessness.

The Central Intelligence Agency was directly or indirectly involved in the murder of the following heads of states, prominent politicians, religious leaders or public figures:

  • Patrice Lumumba, Prime Minister of the Republic of Zaire, in 1960
  • Rafael Trujillo, President of the Dominican Republic, in 1961
  • Ernest Miller Hemingway, American writer, in 1961
  • Marilyn Monroe, American film star, in 1962
  • Abd al-Karim Qasim, Prime Minister of Iraq, in 1963
  • Ngo Dinh Diem, President of the Republic of Vietnam, in 1963
  • John F. Kennedy, President of the United States, in 1963
  • Dipa Nusantara Aidit, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Indonesia, in 1965
  • Amilcar Cabral, General Secretary of the African Party of Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde Islands, in 1973
  • Salvador Allende, President of the Republic of Chile, in 1973
  • Pablo Neruda, Chilean poet, diplomat and politician, in 1973
  • General Fateh Mohammad Fermaershi, of Afghanistan, in 1974
  • Mujibur Rahman, President of Bangladesh, in 1975
  • Orlando Letelier, Chilean economist, politician and diplomat, in 1976
  • Francis Gary Powers, a U-2 pilot, in 1977
  • Aldo Moro, Prime Minister of Italy, 1978
  • Ayatollah A. Madani, of Iran, in 1980
  • Oscar Romero, Archbishop of San Salvador, in 1980
  • Jaime Roldos Aguilera, President of Ecuador, in 1980
  • Jean Donovan, American lay missionary, in El Salvador, in 1980
  • Dorothy Kazel, Maura Clarke, Ita Ford, American missionaries to El Salvador, in 1980
  • Brigadier General Omar Torrijos, President of the Republic of Panama, in 1981
  • Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq, President of Pakistan, in 1988
  • Rafic Hariri, Prime Minister of Lebanon, in 2005
  • Osama bin Laden, Leader of the Anti-American and Anti-Western Pan-Arab Al-Qaeda movement, in 2011
  • Colonel Gaddafi, Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution of Libya, in 2011

At various times, the CIA plotted, and/or made (sometimes numerous) attempts, to assassinate the following heads of states, prominent politicians, religious leaders and public figures:

  • Ziaur Rahman, President of Bangladesh
  • Prince Norodom Sihanouk, of Cambodia
  • Fidel Castro, Leader of the Cuban revolution
  • Achmad Sukarno, President of Indonesia, in 1975
  • Nelson Mandela, Leader of the African National Congress
  • Maurice Bishop, Leader of Grenada
  • Kenneth Kaunda, President of Zambia
  • Daniel Ortega, President of Nicaragua
  • Yasser Arafat, Leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization
  • Pope John Paul II, Leader of the Catholic Church
  • Slobodan Milošević, President of Yugoslavia
  • Saddam Hussein, President of Iraq
  • Hugo Chávez, President of Venezuela 

The CIA kills and maims hundreds of men, women and children every day, most recently, using drone technology.

Human Rights (if Any) in U.S. in 2010

April 11, 2011

The United States Government stuck with its policy of denial of basic human rights to its population in 2010 whilst continuing to abuse all other human rights — the overall situation with human rights continued to deteriorate in the United States.

The incidence of human rights abuses and violations in the United States of America is higher than in any other country in the world, both in absolute and relative terms, and is probably higher than in most other countries of the world taken together.

Human rights violations recorded and documented in the United States over the past year include (but are not limited to) restrictions on electronic communications, print media, denial of basic human rights as well as denial of the freedom of expression and the right of free speech in America, extra-judicial killings inside and outside the United States carried out by the American authorities, both civilian and military, discrimination against minorities, populations of individual states and individual nations in the United States, denial of a right to a regime change, to cessation from the United States, continuing oppression of foreign nations, occupations of foreign lands all over the world and other numerous and serious crimes and abuses.

America’s domestic human rights track record showed no improvement at all in 2010. The United States continued to imprison its own people, in particular its minorities, at the highest rate in the world.

The United States maintained its unprecedented efforts to monitor internet use, to control the flow of information and to encourage and impose self-censorship, to stifle any form of dissent. Also, the United States Government continued to abuse electronic communications by routinely collecting sensitive data on virtually every American citizen and on many foreign users of electronic communications. Such information will almost certainly be used against those, on whom it was collected.

Of all the basic human rights proclaimed by the UN Declaration on Human Rights such as the right to housing, work, education, rest and medical care, free elections as well as the rights of children, not a single one, repeat, not a single one is guaranteed in the United States. Basic human rights are denied to an overwhelming majority of the American population whose homes and jobs can be taken from them at the snap of a finger of someone in authority with little (if any) formality, whilst most cannot afford any education or qualified medical care.

Gun violence and police brutality remained on a high level, with over 30 thousand people killed during the year again just as the year before, including multiple shootings and stabbings taking place on average every single day in America. The activity of organized and “unorganized” crime contributed to the bleak human rights situation in the United States.

The arbitrary division between the so-called “American citizens” and “illegal immigrants” or “aliens” was maintained and enforced although the so-called illegals or aliens are as legal in America as the so-called “legal” American citizens. The division is entirely arbitrary and is open to abuse and is in fact abused routinely: illegal immigrants are used in effect as cheap slave labor to prop up the sagging American economy and are disproportionately the victims of human trafficking, enslavement and sex abuses.

In the past year there were no changes in the form of government in the United States — an unrepresentative form of plutocracy with undemocratic institutions, such as the electoral college, based on the denial of the right to have direct democratic elections, originally conceived solely as a means of preventing even the remotest possibility of black Americans being able to elect a black person president.

The United States Government’s and corporate propaganda outlets (government-affiliated all of them) continued to dominate the mainstream media showing no respect for any unbiased reporting of events or for the freedoms of speech, press or uninhibited academic discussion.

America’s systematic campaign of intimidation against dissidents, academics and journalists continued unabated in 2010 and is well documented. Freedom of speech campaigner Julian Assange was relentlessly persecuted by the United States Government in 2010. Bradley Manning, a journalistic source ans whistle-blower, was imprisoned in 2010 without any trial and is being tortured whilst being held in continuous detention without trial. He is the most well-known political prisoner in America but not at all the only one. Several dozens of journalists and media people were either gunned down or battered to death in the USA in 2010.

Also, in 2010 the American authorities continued their campaign of extrajudicial killings inside and outside the United States, presided over coerced confessions of prisoners, kidnapping and trafficking of people, torture and the use of forced labor.

In Afghanistan and Iraq America’s military committed grave human rights violations, abuses and crimes. Thus, violence and human rights violations in Afghanistan rose dramatically. Frustrated with the lack of any success, the American armed forces appear to be deliberately targeting civilians in order to intimidate them and to discourage any support for the Taliban, the anti-occupation movement. On average over 50 civilians are killed every day in Afghanistan by the US and Nato. One particular “kill” team of American soldiers murdered at least 3,000 Afghan civilians for no other reason but their own sick gratification.

Discrimination against ethnic, religious and cultural minorities in the United States is rampant.

In 2010 national minorities and nations within the United States and the populations of individual “states” were again denied the right of self-determination, peaceful cessation from the “United States” and independence. No discussion is even allowed on this subject in the mainstream media in the United States.

The United States maintained its hold on illegally acquired overseas territories, denying their populations the right of self-determination and maintaining its Imperial ambitions in defiance of specific UN resolutions on the subject.

The people of the United States are denied the right to have a peaceful regime change, to try a new and better (or just different) form of government in place of the current rigid plutocratic system with sham elections.

In summary, human rights violations, abuses and crimes in the United States were numerous and very serious in 2010 and continued to grow, whilst the authorities turned a blind eye again just as in the previous years, and there are no prospects for improvement in the foreseeable future. The human rights outlook for 2011 remains especially bleak.

Taliban Vow to Continue Fighting, Target the British

October 19, 2010

Senior Taliban officials dismissed as unfounded all reports of negotiations with the puppet Karzai government and vowed to continue fighting to victory.

At the same time, British occupation troops in Afghanistan completed recently several sham offensives, aimed mainly for domestic consumption and having no military importance. In fact, great care was taken by senior British commanders not to encounter any enemy forces.

On the other hand, top commanders of the Afghan anti-occupation and anti-Nato fighters (aka the “Taliban”) vowed to continue fighting despite having difficulty in locating foreign occupation forces in recent months.

Also, they seem to have identified the British contingent in particular as the weakest link of the occupation, any defeat to which will inevitably make the coalition collapse.

But the biggest difficulty that they are facing now is however finding and engaging British troops because they seem to have withdrawn from all battle zones and retreated into their “strong”points, i.e. bases, etc., in the hope to finally shift the burden of fighting onto American shoulders — perhaps mindful of their own fragility.

This desire to win wars through somebody else’s exertions whilst suffering no blood guilt at all themselves is nothing new but a feature of almost every single war that Britain “fought” during the modern times.

Well, good luck to them and may the just and the most deserving win.

British Dogs of War

The Great Taliban Summer Offensive of 2009

August 1, 2009

A while back NATO announced its yet another ambitious offensive in Afghanistan. It is still continuing. Supposedly. While closely coordinated, the offensive originally consisted of two major operations by the British and American contingents in Afghanistan in their respective zones of occupation and also in adjacent areas which are either controlled by the Taliban or where Taliban fighters make frequent inroads.

Assigned very colorful operational names — “Panther’s Claw” for the British operation and “Strike of the Sword” for the American one, the two newest — and still ongoing — military ventures were based on a plan prepared by NATO’s master planners — the declared goals were to push back and disrupt the Taliban and even — rather optimistically — to seize and hold some territory. At the time NATO hoped that, in addition to a military success, the end political result would be an improved security during Afghanistan’s forthcoming presidential election.

Offensive action began to much fanfare, prominent media coverage and optimistic forecasts by various defense analysts and was — as per usual — accompanied with habitual references to, and incantations of, the ‘awesome’ power of NATO, the “most powerful military alliance in the world”.

But just a month into NATO’s newest summer campaign a very different picture begins to emerge. It increasingly looks like NATO is about to suffer its yet another ignominious defeat. So far the only two tangible results seem to be heavy NATO casualties and a rising civilian death toll while there is no reliable information on Taliban casualties (if any) whatsoever. In the month of July alone the British lost over 20 soldiers dead, including a senior commander, and their American comrades in occupation lost some 44 soldiers, plus one who either defected to, or was captured by, the Taliban. Other nations’ troops also reported losses. What’s significant about these figures is that modern warfare is characterized by an increased percentage of the wounded, injured or maimed in the overall casualty figures. The ratio of wounded to dead is at least ten to one and may be as high as one hundred to one. That means that, in addition to those killed in action, the Brits and the Yanks lost hundreds if not thousands wounded in July alone.

It just proves that the Taliban are far from finished, even in the immediate theaters of war where the British and the Americans are supposed to be engaged in the offensive. What’s certain is that the Taliban retain their ability to strike at the time of their choosing and to inflict severe casualties on foreign troops while most likely suffering none themselves. The use of the Taliban’s most preferred weapon — the IED — is a case in point. Consider this: in a typical, well-executed and successful IED attack Taliban fighters get to kill 2-3 foreign occupiers, wound and maim a further 10 to 30, and themselves live to fight another day and probably get on opportunity to make a nice video of the attack. Not that they are averse to a decent firefight when they know they can have it on their terms.

NATO’s other stated goals have not been achieved either. The British and American troops may have ventured beyond their fortified bases, may have gone into some towns, bazaars and villages but they still control nothing except where they are massed. And providing security in time for the elections is already impossible.

It now increasingly looks that local Taliban commanders may have had their own war plan for the summer of 2009, particularly in areas with mass concentrations of British and American troops. They probably waited for the British and American “warriors” to make a move, to expose themselves and their lines of communications to Taliban attacks. The beauty of it from their point of view is that they now have the British and American troops exactly where they want them — dispersed over a much larger territory making it easier for them to prey on their LOCs, to strike at will and to wage their guerrilla style campaign on remote and isolated enemy outposts which however may be quickly augmented with well coordinated counter-attacks or even a full-blown offensive of the Taliban’s own making, should the situation look right to the Taliban high command.

Well what can you say? It looks like the “panther” had its claws forcibly removed while “the sword” may have been wrestled from the hand of the attacker and buried in his infidel belly.

If things continue as they have been this past month, future historians might well remember 2009 as the year of the greatest Taliban summer offensive in Afghanistan — the offensive that finally broke NATO’s humped back.


Victorious Taliban, a.k.a the Students

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