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How Many Dead “Terrorists” is the US Budget Worth?

April 16, 2017

Recently the Trump administration ordered (or allowed) the U.S. military now headed by the certifiable loon Mattis to drop their most powerful non-nuclear bomb, the MOAB, on some mountain in occupied Afghanistan.

The bomb caused a minor earthquake and allegedly succeeded in killing 34 IS “terrorists”.

Aside from the moral of labeling people terrorists and killing them indiscriminately by some dumb, if powerful, bomb, here is what else transpires.

A bomb costing US$ 314 million kills 34 IS “terrorists” which makes it US$ 8.7 million per “terrorist” which means the 2017 US budget is good for killing… 6,880 “terrorists”!

I trust you will find there’s many more.

Also, China has nothing to worry about, not now, not ever.


How America will Never Have a White Male President Again

November 8, 2016

Today is the election day 2016, and America is likely to “elect” a corrupt white Lesbian woman president but will never have a white male president again if Trump fails to win tonight.

The ethnic minorities combined now being in a majority over the white population, they now have a choke-hold on the presidential election and will be able to deny election to candidates seen as hostile to them.

And that means no more white male presidents for America, certainly no more w.a.s.p or sumshit like that.

What started in 2008 now looks like a long succession of colored or ethnic or female or LGBT or some such otherwise-defined presidents, with the principal defining feature being no white males anymore.

Well, at least, it is my cheerful projection.

Life Sans Obama Will Only Get Worse

May 1, 2016

An optimistic bunch, Americans think that life will be better once Obama is booted out of the White House at the end of his second term.


The consumers of 80% of the world’s resources should know that things can only get worse for them, much much worse, even if they are already terrible economy-wise.

First off, 80% of the world’s resources isn’t what it used to be due to depletion of said resources.

Secondly, competition for the remaining slice is really heating up with other nations, small or large, unafraid to challenge the Yanks to their face or stick it to them while they are not looking.

China in particular is all set to deny the United States the use of as many resources as possible by gobbling them up first.

The end result will be a progressively deteriorating State of the Union.

If I were Trump, I wouldn’t want to get into this mess at all.

Case in point


Bubonic Plague Alive and Killing in the United States

October 16, 2015

The bubonic plague is alive and continues to make people unwell (and kills them every now and then) in the United States like it is still the Middle Ages in that benighted land.

Plague in the United States

An article titled Why Hasn’t the US Eradicated Plague on the BBC website, says the plague has killed 4 people out of 15 affected this year alone.

Overall, there hasn’t been a year without a case of the plague since at least the year 2000.

The reason that the plague is still alive in the United States is the historic and ongoing destruction and invasion of the natural habitat of animals (especially furry animals that harbor fleas) in the US by elements of the American human population who, when they came first, started off by killing all Native Americans hitherto living more or less in harmony with nature.

But nature fights back and the Black Death, as the plague is traditionally known, is one of her most potent weapons.

The United States is home to some other unusual diseases, including the brain-eating amoeba and the triple E virus, and they, like the plague, continue to kill the continent’s uninvited conquerors striving to restore the natural balance and to save the world.

Latest US War Crime in Kunduz, Afghanistan

October 10, 2015

The US’ latest major war crime happened a week ago when an MSF hospital in Kunduz was bombed, with 22 doctors and staff confirmed killed and over 30 still unaccounted for, presumed killed as well.

The bombing was almost certainly intentional and intended as a message to Taliban after they reportedly managed to shoot down earlier in the week a US C-130 at Jalalabad Airbase with a loss of 12 US personnel and civilians.

In this instance the US forces involved clearly acted in violation of international law as under the laws of war all parties to armed conflicts are required to distinguish at all times between combatants and civilians and direct attacks only at combatants. Indiscriminate attacks are prohibited. All parties must take all feasible precautions to avoid, and minimize, loss of civilian life and injury to civilians

In fact, last week’s Kunduz hospital airstrike is not the only crime the US-led Nato forces willfully perpetrated in Kunduz in their 14-year occupation of Afghanistan.

In an earlier incident, in 2009, they killed over 90 civilians who were burned alive after Nato planes attacked a fleet of fuel trucks.

Marine’s Letters to ISIS

August 8, 2015

A US Marine writes a letter to ISIS, threatens it with grave consequences, also lays it into POTUS Obama and the Congress.

Marine Isis

Semper Fi whatever to you!

Another Black Citizen Shot by White Police in America – Raw: Tulsa Police Chase And Shoot Eric Courtney Harris

April 12, 2015

Po po strikes again… and again… and again. Obama?

Only in America: Police Tase and Beat Psychotic Man

February 2, 2015

A clearly unwell psychotic man was tasered twice and smacked with a police baton about 20 times at a car dealer somewhere in the USA.

Saudi Oil Masterstroke

December 1, 2014

Last week Saudi Arabia blocked a proposal by the other OPEC members to curtail oil production, sending oil prices plummeting around the world.

Claims are oil prices could fall even as low as $50 a barrel or even below that.

This is very, very bad news for much of the oil extraction sector in North America and also for various LNG schemes now being considered there and has Western governments in a state of panic.

The point is even at $70 a barrel (i) fracking oil operations become unprofitable, (ii) the only thing Canada’s tar sand oil industry can do is to commit mass suicide, (iii) Mexican gulf offshore rigs are likewise an exercise in futility.

Thus, you can argue it took Saudi Arabia one veto to put the entire North American energy industry in jeopardy.

To make things worse Saudi Arabia has over $700 billion in cash reserves and can sustain low oil prices for years if not decades — the equivalent of a control shot to the head of North America’s indigenous oil industry — to make sure it never rears its (fracking ugly) head ever again.

[Whether Saudi Arabia is prepared to go that far (or whether it will be allowed to) is another matter and beside the point.]

Also, oil multinationals such as BP or Shell are the biggest sources of tax revenues in quite a number of Western nations, certainly in Britain, and are major employers to boot. But now, with their profits decimated, the economy of, say, Britain will lose billions, potentially exacerbating their already overwhelming debt problems and causing all sorts of economic and social mayhem.

In fact, along with the United States and Canada, Britain is likely to be the hardest hit by the oil price collapse — its North Sea oil industry, the biggest source of revenue, will be devastated.

Either of the two things will happen now.

Either there will be a concerted effort to drive oil prices much higher (using all means available) — at least to $100 per barrel — that’s where Canada’s tar sands become mildly profitable;

Or we will witness a crisis in the United States, Britain, other Western nations (which are emerging freaking fracking oil and/or gas producers) and maybe in much of the world the likes of which we have never seen — with energy companies and banks and financial institutions exposed to them collapsing in numbers with millions thrown out of jobs and left with no sources of income.

The 2008 crisis will look tame in comparison.

Make your pick… pick your poison.

Obama’s Penile Handicap

September 27, 2014

The Obama Empire of Small Dick… but big bombs and long missiles…

This is why Obama is overcompensating by bombing the seventh country in six years.

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