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Chinese Curse on the English

June 27, 2017

The UK now almost poses like the best friend China has ever had or will be lucky to have in the future.

But the fact of the matter is the British, and in particular the English, waged wars and made attacks against the Chinese such as the Opium Wars and the Boxer Rebellion and the forced sale of opium drugs in China causing much suffering and misery to the Chinese populace.

So much so that some Chinese villages in Guangdong came up with a curse against the English which goes on like this:

“We note that you English barbarians have formed the habits and developed the nature of wolves, plundering and seizing things by force.

We patriots have received the favor of the Celestial Dynasty in nourishing us for two centuries. Today, if we do not exterminate you English barbarians, we are not human beings. You [the English] have killed and injured our common people in many villages and seriously hurt the universal harmony. You also completely destroyed the coffins in several places, and you disastrously destroyed the Buddhist statues in several monasteries.

This is the time when Heaven is angered and mankind is resentful, even the ghosts and spirits will not tolerate you beasts (the English)”.

In light of recent events, I wonder if this curse still has power.


Is US or UK Behind False-Flag Sarin Attack in Syria?

April 9, 2017

The timing is suspicious.

No motive can be ascribed to President Assad.

The only ones that are benefiting are anti-Assads and hard-core Western terrorism-inciting and funding governments like those of the US and UK in particular.

It has never been shown conclusively that Assad’s forces ever committed any chemical attack in Syria.

In fact, in 2013 when the last red-line Sarin attack took place, Carla Del Ponte, a UN official, said on record that victims’ accounts rather pointed to the rebels’ involvement.

So is the US or the UK orchestrated the appalling gas attack?

I think, the impulse definitely came from somewhere in the bowels of the Trump administration but it was likely the British government that physically committed the heinous act in Idlib Province, Syria, through its agents there by launching a chemical Sarin gas attack as a result of which 100 people, including 21 children, died.

The attack has all the hallmarks of a US-ordered and British-executed atrocity.

We have seen it before, including during this ongoing tragic civil war in Syria which is only benefiting those who want to put down and bleed the entire Arab world (aka the US and Britain, also some in the EU).

My analysis of limited and heavily distorted information as well MSM decoding implicates the British government, its secret services and local agents, including so called White Helmets and British sponsored rebels and other British agents, in this attack.

The attack follows the similar pattern of previous false-flag chemical attacks in Syria apparently carried out by British government agents where they deployed chemical agents on a number of occasions targeting own civilians in rebel-controlled territories and then quickly publicized said attacks using fake social media accounts, puppet paid bloggers and twitter users on the ground and around the world and bogus groups like the London-based so-called “Syrian Observatory” which was set up and is curated by MI6.

However Britain could be double-dealing here and this attack also appears to be the latest step in the British government’s month-long campaign to undermine President Trump personally (probably in cahoots with some forces in the Trump administration itself and larger political establishment in Washington, D.C., aka the “swamp”) by making it impossible for him to carry out his pre-election promises which included a possible deal with Assad.

While making out as if taking and obeying orders from the US, the British government secretly also wants to involve the United States in another lengthy and preferably bloody war to shift attention from itself hoping that terrorists will then target US rather than British interests.

White Slavery on Rise in Britain

December 1, 2014

A BBC website piece – BBC News – Slavery levels in UK ‘higher than thought’

It says that there could be between 10,000 and 13,000 slaves in the UK, higher than previous figures, analysis for the Home Office suggests.

Modern slavery victims are said to include women forced into prostitution, “imprisoned” domestic staff and workers in fields, factories and fishing boats.

It said the victims included people trafficked from more than 100 countries – the most prevalent being Albania, Nigeria, Vietnam and Romania – as well as British-born adults and children.

A few things to note here.

Slavery is about the only thing that Britain could do well.

It appears Britain can’t quite forget its legacy of being the principal slave master of the world and one that extracted the most benefit from slavery. Huge capital inflows from massive operations to capture, transport and sell black Africans to slave owners in its overseas colonies funded Britain’s “industrial revolution” at the time which allowed the country to come to the fore of leading nations, albeit briefly.

Most of the economic assets that Britain still has were engendered by the bloody toils of the African black slave in one way or another and date back to the time of black slavery.

Now of course it cannot replicate anything remotely similar to its former government-funded slave running operations so it now turns its attention to “white” slavery… making slaves principally of white Eastern Europeans as well as of own British citizens, including thousands of British underage girls effectively toiling in the harems of criminal elements within the British Pakistani community.

Also, the British Government has been raising a huge stink in Europe and on the international arena recently all about depriving even immigrants from the EU of benefits hoping and even expecting that more will be driven into slavery and exploited in Britain for free.

Business as usual: UK arms factories ‘profit’ from Palestinian bloodshed — RT

August 18, 2014

Business as usual: UK arms factories ‘profit’ from Palestinian bloodshed — RT UK

MI5 Did It

July 7, 2013
Culpable: MI5

Culpable: MI5

Que bono?

Investigations into the 7/7 atrocity were completed but produced no evidence whatsoever of any terrorist involvement.

Instead, to a thinking person, they showed plenty of sign that the regime designated “terrorists” were shadowed at the time — no, even led on by MI5 — Britain’s internal secret state police modeled on Nazi Germany’s Gestapo but more ruthless and unprincipled.

MI5 needed a major boost in funding at the time and was facing a post-Cold war identity crisis and really could use a couple of spectacular bombings — preferably with multiple casualties, to say nothing of the fact that the “bombers” turned out to be MI5 agents themselves, whether rogue or otherwise, doesn’t really matter from the viewpoint of establishing and proving MI5 culpability.

7/7 was a masterstroke – a stroke of (evil) genius on the part of MI5. It got funding, elevated status, more rights and powers, assured future as a government agency; it got the chance to blame Muslims, to get rid of its troublesome agents, and some within MI5 ranks got medals, promotions and pay increases, even as the victims were still being treated in hospitals.

Que bono?

Only MI5 bono.

London, Global Capital of Money Laundering

November 20, 2012
London is the money-laundering capital of the world, according to a special six-page investigation published in a recent issue of Private Eye and reports in the blogosphere.

Richard Brooks, a former tax inspector responsible for Private Eye’s groundbreaking exposés of corporate tax avoidance, turns his attention to the dirty money flowing through Britain’s banks and tax havens and to proceeds of crime being laundered there.

Weeks after a US senate committee slammed Britain’s biggest bank, HSBC, for facilitating vast money-laundering operations, including washing money from Mexican drug cartels, he finds that light-touch banking regulation and a thriving network of tax havens, have made Britain the center of an embezzlement industry that steals billions from the world’s poor and underprivileged and is the largest contributor to Britain’s national budget.

Brooks has spent months tracking high-profile corruption cases as they make their way through British courts. He zeroes in on one of the most outrageous cases, that of James Ibori, former governor of the Delta State in Nigeria, who between 1999 and 2007, funnelled £200m of pounds of state money through British banks to fund an outrageously lavish lifestyle.

While many Nigerians went without basic education and social care, Ibori spent stolen loot on a Bentley, private school fees for his children, properties in Hampstead, a fleet of armoured Range Rovers and dozens of gambling trips to Las Vegas.

With the help of a British solicitor, Bhadresh Gohil, Ibori managed to sneak Nigerian wealth out of the country and launder it through HSBC and Barclays bank accounts, apparently in collusion with Britain’s secret services and senior government officials who all got their cut too.

It’s a complex story, in which dirty money zips between secretive tax havens, obscure front companies, and British high street banks. But, as Sasha Wass QC told the jury at Ibori’s eventual trial, ‘If you’re confused by this … that is exactly the idea.’

It was only when the eight police officers who make up the Met’s Proceeds of Corruption unit painstakingly followed the money that they managed to piece together what Judge Pitts, who sentenced James Ibori to 13 years at Southwark Crown Court in April this year, called ‘one of the biggest money laundering cases ever seen’.

But despite Ibori’s long sentence, the British banks who facilitated his crimes and so many others like it, have not seen the inside of a court room and are unlikely to any time soon.

Britain’s regulation-free tax havens, such the City of London; Guernsey; Jersey; Cardiff, Wales; Isle of Man and many others where stolen loot is stashed and the bankers who wash the money are still a long way from proper regulation.

Private Eye points out that Lord Green, a current trade minister and member of the Treasury team deciding how to reform Britain’s banks, was chief executive of HSBC during the years it was turning over hundreds of millions of pounds of dirty money. Which bodes well for the reformation of Britain’s corrupt mafia-run banks, doesn’t it?

London, Global Capital of Money Laundering

Was Roosevelt Poisoned by Churchill?

July 6, 2012

New Theory Claims Founder of America’s Modern Nation State was Bumped Off by British Rival
Roosevelt was being slowly poisoned with arsenic and then dispatched with a single dose of rat poison containing Thallium by British agents operating inside the White House

The founder of the US’ modern nation state Franklin D. Roosevelt died after being poisoned by his fierce political rival and enemy British PM Winston Churchill, one theory sensationally claims.

While Roosevelt was already in poor health, paralyzed from waist down, crippled by an attack of polio, Winston Churchill may have been slowly poisoning him for a lengthy period of time and then finished him off through his many agents in the State Department and even in the White House itself – after a bitter feud between the two Western leaders relating to the post-war fate of the British Empire which FDR aimed to dismantle.

Roosevelt, who ostensibly supported Churchill in his fight against Germany, in actual fact was as much or even more interested in fighting the British Empire. He wanted to make sure that there would be no return to the British colonial system after the war.

While the majority of the American and British political elites at the time were only too well aware of a bitter dispute between the two leaders, a different history has been supplanted since: a mass of lies and half-truths about a so-called “special relationship” between Britain and the United States, based on common ideals, supposedly supported by both Churchill and Roosevelt, and intended to last into the next millennium. This rewriting of history began almost immediately with FDR’s unnatural death in April 1945, and has continued to this day.

Although himself coming from a privileged Anglo-centric background, Roosevelt developed later in life very different views on Britain, and these views placed him firmly within a faction of American patriots, whose interests were opposed to British imperialism and Britain’s minions in the American financial and political establishment, centered around the Wall Street investment bankers, such as the Morgans, and in the State Department.

At that time already emerging as a spokesman for the British supremacists and imperialists was one Winston Churchill, a conservative politician, the archetypical “Colonel Blimp”. Churchill, who had an American mother, nevertheless hated everything American and especially the American people.

Churchill had planted scores of agents in the American government who liaised with him through the British ambassador, Lord Halifax, who on more than one occasion openly called Roosevelt a “liar” and “no friend of the British”.

Churchill had a very good reason to be fearful.

Behind Churchill’s back, Roosevelt discussed his anti-colonial strategy with Soviet Foreign Minister Molotov when the latter visited Washington in late 1942. He told Molotov that he felt that after the war it was going to be necessary to take colonial possessions away from Britain, “for their own protection”. Molotov gave him to understand that he was certain that Stalin would agree to these ideas, as he was favorable to other American proposals for the postwar world.

Churchill, meanwhile, was initially prepared to stall. FDR suffered from serious heart problems and hypertension, although his own physicians thought that he could survive through a fourth term. By late 1944, Churchill was in receipt of a secret briefing on the President’s health by Churchill’s personal physician Lord Moran: Roosevelt had only several months to live, at worst, perhaps a year. However, Churchill could not just wait for Roosevelt to die as he loathed uncertainty.

It was at this juncture that the British decided to move and thus had a direct hand in the President’s death according to the new theory. First, Churchill attempted to cause strain and to wear our Roosevelt through his insistence on two summits in Canada during the height of the campaign, and his delay of the proposed summit with Stalin until it required a precarious, 12,000-mile mid-winter trip to Yalta. When this plan didn’t work, Churchill took matters in his own hands altogether.

It is alleged that, on Churchill’s orders, FDR’s wife, Eleanor Roosevelt (who was a Lesbian and was recruited and blackmailed into obedience by the British) had fed him his morning porridge laced with rat poison (containing Thallium). Before that British agents had been trying to cause as much pain and suffering to Roosevelt as possible and to undermine his health and to impede his faculties by feeding him small doses of arsenic over a prolonged period of time – their preferred method of dealing with powerful foreign leaders, with whom they were not openly at war but whom they had reason to fear.

On April 12, 1945 Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd President of the United States, patriot, and enemy of the British Empire, died of poisoning at the hands of the British whilst the official cause of death was craftily put down to “a cerebral hemorrhage”. Almost immediately, British agents moved to obliterate Roosevelt’s anti-British anti-Imperialist policies and his postwar plans whilst shamelessly and cynically laying down the foundations for the myth of a “special relationship”.

Extra-Havanna fuer Churchill — one fat cigar for Churchill to suck on

Winston Churchill, he murdered Franklin D. Roosevelt…. and some 23 million other people

Further reading: the Churchill gang

Presiding Over Britain: Current Unelected Capitalist Gangster Cameron

March 9, 2012

Cameron and His Predecessors Have Plundered the World for Hundreds of Years, but Though They Still Appear to be Going Strong Their Days are Numbered

For the past couple of years, David Cameron, the current incarnation of a thieving and murderous British ruler and his busy rump empire preserver sidekick William Hague, with the Queen as the nominal figurehead and too much influence behind the scenes even at her advanced old age, have been all engaged in a huge propaganda operation to fool the world and especially China, India, Brazil, Russia, the United States, Venezuela, Iran and other upcoming nations with huge currency reserves in a bid to make them part with a bit of said reserves.

With much fanfare, they have pretended to repair the “economy” of their benighted land by doing nothing but engaging in knee-jerk spending cuts, ratcheting up their self-aggrandizing rhetoric and trying to browbeat their unfortunate lenders into lending them even more money. Cameron even denounced Britain’s crony (and phony) capitalism, and they pretended to be friends with the new economic powerhouses of the world such as India and China whose economies are based on sound Marxist economic principles. At one point, in shameful duplicity, he even begged India to take Britain’s meager help offering of some hundred million British pounds (i.e. monopoly money)… in return of course for a mere trifle — India, you will please place a multi-billion dollar defense order with us, Britain…. well, it didn’t work in that case and neither should it work in any other case.

But this has been a sham to conceal the truth: that the British cannot any longer effectively govern themselves and will soon be forced to invite some clever people from India or maybe even China (that is, if they are not already there and in numbers not far below those of the “natives”) to do the job for them. The English do make excellent butlers and other domestic help, it has to be said, though you can never entirely trust them.

The corrupt ruling blood-soaked British regime has never had much to squander lately and so has never even had a chance to modernize their country — Britain — which is now fast rotting away.

The unelected British regime — the most murderous regime in continuous existence ever according to some counts — underpinned by the fraud they call their “democracy” has no real interest in friendship or co-operation with America, or China or India or Europe or anybody else really, whatever gullible Anglophile diplomats and officials may think the world over. It wants solely to be free to run their criminal offshore havens in the City of London and elsewhere to offer bespoke financial services to major criminals, thieves and fraudsters from all over the world to launder money and to provide terrorist funding in London, but will do everything in their power not to adopt the European Union’s standards of transparency, the values of liberty or the rule of law.


In a rare moment of frankness Mr Cameron admitted recently that Britain has never been a democracy.

The British do occasionally — at very irregular and arbitrary intervals — have funny ballot stuffing exercises they call their “elections” but to call the events an ‘election’ in the true meaning of the word is an insult to true democracies. Real elections involve a real choice between real candidates, between real parties vying with one another to come to power, where the outcome is in doubt — but in Britain the outcome is never in doubt as one of the two government puppet parties inevitably gets to form the government (never even winning anything like a majority of votes).

In these farcical polls — in the shamefully rigged parliamentary ‘elections’ – which, last time they were staged, brought to power a puppet “coalition” government, still unelected, any candidate who could present a challenge to the ruling British regime and its criminal cronies, corrupt bankers or international terrorists has no chance of taking part, and is smeared, thrown excrement at, tarred and feathered, pilloried, barred, expelled or even suicided in a trademark MI5 style.

But even though candidates put forward by the British ruling junta have no real rivals at the polls, there is still a lot of electoral fraud taking place — for your average British politician just cannot refrain from stealing, lying or deceiving, engaging in fraud or perversions — even in cases where it is not necessary and where he doesn’t have to do it. In this they are helped by members of Britain’s second oldest profession — corrupt journalists and newspaper editors all with links to corrupt government officials, MPs (especially Labour MPs) and to MI6 and MI5 — Britain external and internal secret state police whose members are major terrorists and drug- and prostitution-running- people-smuggling criminals themselves.

UK regime apologists sometimes boast that there are over 200 political parties in Britain — but even here they are too stupid to realize that it only disproves their own argument — with so many parties, how come only the two “usual suspects” get to share in the spoils of government… not that there is much left to share or to steal.

Britain’s state-run BBC and other major “news” (read: propaganda) outlets, all government affiliated by way of that same crony capitalism, dutifully report the deeds of the bird-faced First Person and his rather Horse-Faced First Lady (Cameron has a thing about horses — more on that later) in cloying terms reminiscent of British imperial propaganda while craftily keeping the zomboid British public amused and “happy” with various interesting and curious snippets of information, amusing stories, scripted talk shows, zoo TV and radio formats and a healthy diet of British repetitive pop (read: zombi-like state inducing) music — to interfere with the thinking processes of the Brits, to make their heads spin, to give them constant tinnitus, to make them dizzy and confused, to make them think they are happy.

It portrays the regime as the guarantor of the future and stability of the “British” Isles — something many Brits already feel is slipping away from them — just like in the chaos and humiliation of the Seventies under the demented Harold Wilson (who however was far better still than any of the current crop of corrupt money-grabbing British politicians offering themselves to all and sundry for little sums of money).

The official media machine cheer-led by the shameful lying BBC also decries the regime’s opponents — the ordinary people camping and demonstrating on the filthy turd-littered  and urine-stained streets and squares of London, be it this week or last summer or all through the year, in their thousands — as either the “loony left” or labeling them as rioters like in the past summer. The barely concealed subtext is that they are in league with terrorists who are of course hellbent on causing havoc in Britain and so have to be summarily tried and sentenced in grotesquely unfair but lightning trials, locked behind bars for 4 years for a post on facebook.

The arrest of an alleged Muslim terrorist recently, and his fanciful confession that he had been instructed to blow up a British plane with his explosive underpants, which he supposedly was meant to activate by wetting and then soiling himself in quick succession, has all the hallmarks of the lame and cynical propaganda stunts previously employed by the UK regime.

Much of the current British political outlook was shaped by a series of devastating bombings on July 7, 2005 in which some 90+ people died and hundreds were wounded. The public believed Britain was under terrorist attack. In panic, they turned to their unelected rulers — who put up a strong show as men of steel — to deal with the threat. And the authorities were only too happy to oblige… provided there is ample funding of course.

But investigations produced no evidence whatsoever of any terrorist involvement but showed plenty of sign that the regime designated “terrorists” were shadowed — no, even led on by MI5 — Britain’s internal secret state police, which needed a major boost in funding at the time and was facing a post-Cold war identity crisis and really could use a couple of spectacular bombings, to say nothing of the fact that the “bombers” turned out to be MI5 agents themselves.

Those who investigate the undoings of the British regime, like the one that was staged on July 7, 2005, tend to end jailed or exiled, occasionally suicided like Dr. Kelly, killed by a lone gunman like Jill Dando (in reality, executed by an MI5 hitman), poisoned with radioactive polonium like rogue British agent Litvinenko, or tend to get killed by known British agents like what happened to Russian journalist Politkovskaya when they come too close to the sensitive raw truth about the crimes of the British regime, either international or domestic, and its links with terrorists.

Fear of such guilty secrets being exposed is one reason why the British authorities cannot allow meaningful democratic reform. They are prisoners of the system that their genocidal predecessors in power created and that they helped to perpetuate.

The murderous and thieving regime in London is however being slowly but surely exposed through actions of certain brave individuals, including myself.

They have to be careful — what with the gangsterism at the heart of the regime, epitomized by Mr Cameron’s bizarre penchant for stealing stainless steel tea spoons, hotel towers, bars of soap and neglecting to tip waiters, including recently engaging in improper conduct with an illegally obtained former police horse in one instance for which he incidentally “didn’t have” to pay and which he allegedly shared with Rebekah Brooks, a corrupt (no other kind) British newspaper editor.

Marsha Dristun, author of David Cameron’s recent unauthorized biography titled “Man with the Face of a Bird”, says Cameron suffers from schizophrenia encumbered with kleptomania and zoophilia, where satisfaction is sometimes gained through unusual channels of love.

Consider Britain’s patronage of international thieves and criminals such as Bill Browder, the protection that they give to British hedge-fund scam operators raping African nations and even vulnerable countries in Eastern and Central Europe and operating with impunity (of course provided they share with corrupt British government officials and MPs, such as David Miliband, Nadine Dorries, Chrys Briant, Denis MacShane and many, many others) from Britain’s many offshore zones such as Guernsey, Isle of Man, City of London, Cardiff, Wales, etc., and the stink they raise when British scams abroad are terminated — as in the case of that same Browder-Magnitsky criminal enterprise.

This is because the only way Britain can make money now is by stealing from the world, both from nations and from individuals, other than that they have nothing left — no industry, no resources, no nothing, just mountains of unpayable debt, and boy do I pity their lenders.


But the biggest threat to Cameron’s regime is not the West or the East, which are increasingly inward looking as they wrestle with their own economic woes. No, the real threat comes at home.

The great Alex Salmon wants to break away from the decrepit union, wisely — he doesn’t want his Scotland to be plundered or saddled with unpayable debt by Cameron’s cronies any more.

Of course, the British regime won’t die tomorrow. Zombified, ill-educated British people who believe official propaganda, who have never experienced a democratic system of government are not yet ready to strike out at their Downing Street and Westminster tormentors and oppressors.

But in the longer term, Mr Cameron has lost. He can even turn out to be Britain’s last prime minister. He has become a figure of fun among the oppressed classes in Britain’s industrial heartland — what’s left of it.

The internet is buzzing with wickedly funny parodies of his mannerisms and the grotesque excesses of official propaganda. They habitually refer to David Cameron as a “cunt”, they depict Cameron as a bare-assed clown, a wanker and bird-faced imbecile, like a farting plonker, a bloated struggling jogger, a balding freak, a wanna-be Tony Blair (the worst insult of them all).

For modern-minded Brits, although not that well-educated or well-traveled anymore, Cameron’s capitalist paranoia, incompetence and greed is an embarrassment.

They want Britain to downgrade its international expectations, to take its rightful place in world affairs as one of the least significant players of modern civilization, as a small island nation on the periphery of modern economic routes, to retire from the bright spotlight, which it can no longer afford to pay for, to join other rogue states.


They consider Downing Street’s support for the Nato inflicted bloodbath in Libya, for the ongoing murder and rape of Afghan civilians (dozens every day), and its pandering to the nuclear degenerates of the USA, to be a disgrace.

They deride Mr Cameron’s official speeches and policy announcements in thousands of blogs and posts.

To be fair, such derision does not yet spell defeat for Cameron, his phony crony capitalists, his corrupt banker friends or the increasingly corrupt regime in general. The mainly middle-class demonstrators who stayed in a tent camp in the City of London for three months number only a couple thousand. Demonstrations in other towns and cities were even smaller.

The opposition is still largely leaderless and compromised by British government agents. Opportunists and extremists abound. MI5 have their work cut out suiciding undesirables at the direction of Cameron’s cabinet.

But the bombast is hollow, just as Cameron’s continued existence at the top of British politics will be. The bleak truth is that the UK regime has run out of ideas. They may even decide to sacrifice Mr Cameron in a spectacular fashion by staging another terrorist attack on British high value targets like they did on 7/7.

Cameron’s outlandish and meaningless promises during the past year don’t offer a program for economic reform either.

Britain’s putrid economy is perilously dependent on quantitative easings, on gullible foreigners with lots of money (to steal from) and on mass self-hypnosis. Yet Cameron wants to cut social spending, decrease the arms budget and lower salaries, to take away jobs and benefits, he wants to put an end to free education (what little of it still remains) and health care. People are not going to take that lying down, that’s for sure.

That is a recipe for trouble, as even his own economically literate followers know all too well.

Increasingly, the Brits no longer believe in the future of Britain under Cameron. And neither should we.

How to Use People Power to Bring Down the Government

February 17, 2011

Let’s look at the lessons of Tunisia and Egypt’s recent people power uprisings.

Let’s analyze briefly the use  and the role of people power in bringing down the ruling regime on the example of, say, the United States and/or Britain.

Can it be done?

Yes, it can be done but it all depends on the number of protesters willing to get involved. As oppressive  and as long-entrenched as the regimes in Britain and America are, they don’t have the guts (if not the desire) to use full force to drown their own citizens in a blood bath, especially when (and if) the numbers are not on their side.

It’s all in the numbers really, and the arithmetic of these numbers is very simple — the more, the merrier.

Here’s an empirical hierarchy of protester numbers correlated to the likely effect of their protests.

Suppose, a “day of anger” to bring down the government is arranged to be held on a central square in Washington or London.

  • If fewer than 1,000 protesters come to take part in the protests — they will be ignored.
  • If anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 come — they will likely be beaten up by the police and the regime’s security forces.
  • If over 50,000 come — they will beat up the police and security forces good, if nothing else.
  • And if over 500,000 come and sustain their presence — the regime will collapse within hours rather than days — even in America and/or in Britain, which however can be speeded up even more if the protesters start occupying certain strategic “regime” buildings and locations, such as the White House and the Capitol in Washington DC and Downing Street 10 and the Houses of Parliament in London. It’s a good idea to try to occupy peacefully but forcefully at this stage the buildings housing the military and the intelligence services too — like the Pentagon in Washington, and the MoD buildings and the Secret Services HQ in London.

See, it can be done. And without staging any violent uprising or a coup or anything. Just the awesome effect of people power.

The only requisite thing is that the required number of people must be willing and able to come (small matter that).

That’s the lesson of Tunisia & Egypt then, I think.

It can be done.

Is it time for regime change to come back home to roost?

Brutal British Realism

November 14, 2010

Millions must now say good-bye to their hopes of a better life and a secure future in Britain.

When Britain optimistically embarked on its Thatcherite reforms nearly 30 years ago, it had high hopes of becoming a successful developed economy but now that these hopes appear to have been shattered in the most brutal fashion imaginable — what does this mean for Britain’s sorry citizens?

More than half a century ago Winston Churchill famously declared that foreigners would never be able to understand how Britain worked, who ruled it and what kept it afloat.

It is an old cliche but not without truth. To this day, outsiders still find Britain messy and very confusing.

In the odd 30 years since the Thatcherite times, Britain has changed greatly.

British Leyland’s oil leaking wheeled contraptions had been replaced on the roads with automotive imports from all over the world, including places like China and India.

Huge advertising hoardings had shrouded the old grimy gray-stone buildings in the center of London.

The London hub  had sprouted enormous American-style shopping malls but also — stretching out into what passes for countryside in Britain — narrow strips of allotments, usually the size of a large handkerchief where British people try to grow some vegetables or fruit to augment their unhealthy diets and to get which they have to spend 15 years or more on the council waiting lists.

Yes, yes, Britain is still a baffling and forbidding place for a stranger.

The end of Thatcherite capitalism

Some in Britain even hoped for a British miracle then. They were promised the North Sea oil — just then discovered — would make them rich, that Britain would become another Saudi Arabia or even Qatar.

Then in the early 1990 — when the Thatcherites were at their strongest — Britain had its first ever American-style consumer boom which unleashed a wave of euphoria in the battered old country which looked positively invigorated, albeit for a very short time.

At that time British politicians proclaimed to the world that Britain had changed and later (not so long ago) even claimed that there would be “no more boom and bust”.

They promised it would embrace universal values and even join Europe, they claimed.

Well they were wrong.

None of it happened — instead Britain has remained sullen and hostile to the European Union, and re-embraced its old anti-European rhetoric but still has seen its economic hopes all but collapsed.

It is only now that people begin to understand that so many of their assumptions about their future in Britain are wrong.

The recent times of relative plenty (brought about on the back of centuries of Imperial looting and thievery) look soon to be succeeded by the times of absolute dire need for most British people, many of whom will undoubtedly be — and are in fact being — plunged into poverty, unemployment and misery, as unbridled capitalism finally found its match in the shape of the 2008 financial crisis which was unleashed on an unprepared populace.

The trauma of 2008 is still deeply felt.


With the British economy still uncertain of its survival, let alone future growth, many people have had a rude awakening.

People really have no hope — that’s why so many in Britain are turning to drugs. London has become the official cocaine capital of the world (disclaimer: other drugs are also used and abused there in record quantities).

In another reminder of how hard the times are about to get, many British people, young and old, are turning to prostitution as their main profession.

Young females and males sell their bodies to get themselves through university or just because there is no other work or even simply because they like it and find it pleasurable.

British women have always had a particular predisposition to prostitution. Even those who are quite well-off often do it and proudly write books about their exploits in the oldest British profession and publish their “prostitution diaries”, sometimes even under their own names, which quickly become the nation’s bestsellers and are duly screened, with Britain’s leading actresses vying to play the main parts, and are brought without delay to the tv and cinemas.

There are many things both wonderful and terrifying about Britain but one conclusion that begs to be made is that, for millions of British people, capitalism seems to have failed.

It looks like their future will be all about a hard and bitter struggle to survive in a progressively yobbish, lawless society, where few (one, two or three) will have a lot and where most will have very little, while Britain’s international standing (what little of it is still left) is by no means assured.

Given that, it is not surprising that some choose oblivion in the snort of British talcum — cocaine — or in the puff of a funny cigarette while others trade their beauty and youth (or indeed ugliness and old age) in for a couple of banknotes.

But what can they do? — It seems, the people of Britain will only have Thatcherite Capitalism’s corrupt legacy to live with for all of their future — whatever future they will be able to have.

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