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Obama’s True Legacy

January 11, 2017

Obama is all but gone (from the White House) and Obamism is in its violent death throes both domestically and internationally.

Eulogies and crocodile tears aside, let’s look at President Obama’s true legacy focusing on a few most salient points.

Awarded Nobel Peace Prize in advance, even before he acceded to the White House, Obama has been an unmitigated failure in upholding international peace.

While extricating America from the Iraq quagmire as he promised, he continued many wars and conflicts permanently waged by the US military and “intelligence” operatives all other the globe, provoked, fanned and encouraged many new wars and conflicts – so much so that international peace now looks more elusive and unattainable than it ever was before under President Bush (and that’s saying plenty).

Also, he embraced the new technology of distant indiscriminate killing using military aerial vehicles (drones) whereby tens of thousands of people died at the hands of US drone operators, with a substantial majority being innocent civilians, including many women and children. At one point, dozens of women and children were killed every single day in places like Afghanistan, Pakistan, North Africa and later Syria.

Overall, during his tenure Obama is thought to have been responsible for over 300,000 people killed, a majority of whom were Muslim.

While it represents a drop in numbers of killed people compared to President Bush, it still means that Obama not only became the most prolific drone killer in the world but also officially became the most murderous Nobel Peace Prize winner ever after the fact.

I am confident no other Nobel Peace Prize winner has ever killed as many people as Obama did.

Obama’s international military campaigns and adventures, such as Afghanistan, Libya, North Africa, Syria, also resulted in him becoming the world’s most murderous black man surpassing his idol African dictator Idi Amin.

During his second term, as American power became to wane and Obama got more and more irrelevant on the world stage, he developed by way of overcompensation the extreme supremacist nationalist (Nazi) ideology of US exclusiveness and its unique rights to preside over the world and the eternal nature of its dominance, sometimes referred to as Obamism, which ideology he expounded in several well publicized speeches.

As regards, domestic matters, here Obama was more of a talker than a doer.

While articulating good intentions inside the country, ultimately all his policies and innovations – ones that he actually got round to implement as promised — are now doomed under the incoming Trump administration.

Finally, Obama’s inability to hand over the reins of power to his designated successor – Hillary Clinton – thereby ensuring the certain reversal of his domestic policies and “achievements” is perhaps the most emblematic of Obama the failure.



Forgotten Horrors: Ant-Walking Alligators of Hiroshima

May 27, 2016

Seeing as Obama the Drone Killer and Founder of Unashamedly Brazen Obamism, is now in Hiroshima, like a murderer who will eventually return to the place where he committed his murderous act, and is refusing apologize for the United States’ nuclear attack on civilians, maybe, the only deliberate attack on civilians during entire WW2, where even the Nazis tried to refrain from similar acts, certainly the largest such attack in scope in human history, I am re-blogging this.


Forgotten Horrors: Ant-Walking Alligators of Hiroshima.

In a Nutshell

After the bomb went off, Hiroshima was transformed from a dull backwater city into a momentary vision of Hell. Among the horrors witnessed by survivors were the ‘ant-walking alligators’—creatures of the blast that seemed neither human nor animal, neither living nor dead.

The Whole Bushel

When the ‘Little Boy’ exploded 750 yards above Hiroshima during the Monday morning rush hour, no-one had ever seen anything like it. A great light filled the sky, a sound that could flatten buildings rolled across the city and 80,000 people died instantly. The statistics are rightly famous: up to 40% of the population dead, two thirds of the city destroyed and fires burning at 4,000C. But the experience of survivors in the immediate aftermath is less well-known, and far more disturbing.

In his book, Last Train to Hiroshima, Charles Pellegrino combed through thousands of…

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Obama is…

May 24, 2016

Obama is…

Obama is the world’s most murderous Afro-American (and black person in general) with hundreds of thousand dead directly as a result of his policies and millions more affected indirectly.

Obama is the world’s most prolific drone murderer, an enthusiastic adopter of this new way of indiscriminate killing with hundreds of thousand killed by drone, with civilians, including women and children, making up a substantial proportion of Obama’s victims.

Obama is a pothead junkie, a heavy marijuana smoker for many years, with his reasoning and speech badly affected, also a cocaine user.

Obama is the most murderous Nobel Peace Prize winner ever, one to have killed the most after being awarded said title, with conservative estimates of numbers of Obama’s dead standing at least 300,000 dead directly as a result of his exceptionalist American naziist policies and millions more indirectly.

Obama is likely also gay having adopted an ejaculating gay penis doodle as his official White House signature.

obam dork

Obama is an American Nazi having raised his American Exceptionalism rhetoric during his term to an unprecedented level and having made it a guiding principle of the United States’ foreign policy.

In general, American Exceptionalism is expounded the more fiercely, the more American position in the world is eroded and the worse the American economy gets.

Obama is the founder of Obamism, an extreme American Exceptionalist philosophy which contends that the United States is Exceptionalist, that it is illegitimate to oppose the United States, that the United States can do whatever it pleases in the world and others can do nothing without its permission, and that it has the right to forever subjugate the world and all mankind by means military or economic alike, also by spreading American propaganda all over the world.

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The Disgusting Habits and Horrible Crimes of All American Presidents

Marine killed in rocket attack in Iraq

March 22, 2016

Marine killed in rocket attack identified; Detachment sent to Iraq

Obama U-Turns on Withdrawal of American Forces from Afghanistan, Islamic Emirate Issues Warning

October 17, 2015

Obama halted the withdrawal of American military forces from Afghanistan in a reversal of his earlier much publicized policy.

The American & Nato occupation, already 14 year-old and hundreds of thousands dead later, is set to continue at least into 2018.

Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan issued a stern and eloquent warning to the American people and government calling for increased attacks on American occupation targets in Afghanistan, quote:

The Islamic Emirate has reiterated time and again that the American forces have no plans of ending the occupation of Afghanistan and all their apparent announcements concerning it are ploys to fool our nation and the American people. Now they have followed it practically by openly declaring that 5500 troops will remain in Afghanistan till the end of 2017.

The Islamic Emirate announces the following in regards to the illogical decision by America:

1. Maintaining America troops in Afghanistan can in no way slow down the rapid process of our Jihad and struggle. The insistence upon policy of war by American officials will only further aggravate the sensitivities of our nation and the region. When attacks begin to intensify against the American invaders, their casualties begin rising and the cost of this futile and unwinnable war in Afghanistan increases, she will willfully begin changing her tyrannical roadmap.

2. If the invaders lost the war in Afghanistan with the presence of hundreds of thousands of troops, their hopes of reversing the tide with five thousand troops are even more misguided. Insisting upon war and occupation will further reduce the support America enjoys around the world and with the American people themselves. America will get entangled in the war inside Afghanistan all by herself such that her fate shall be similar to that of the former Soviet Union.

3. If Obama has taken this paradoxical decision due to the calls by despondent and distressed Kabul officials or due to some other necessity then know that this can never be in the best interest of either America or Afghanistan and shall mostly be harmful for American interests and prestige.

4. We call upon our Mujahideen to intensify their attacks against American targets and to revise, escalate and quicken their plans against their movements, bases and affiliated organs.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

03/01/1437 Hijri Lunar

24/07/1394 Hijri Solar                      

16/10/2015 Gregorian

Obama’s Gay Signature

September 19, 2015

What’s going on with Obama’s signature.

This doodle really looks like… a doodle.

Barak Obama gaysig

I mean I know he is about to appoint the first openly gay Army head but this enters Freud’s territory.

Oh well, at least Obama dreams big.

Marine’s Letters to ISIS

August 8, 2015

A US Marine writes a letter to ISIS, threatens it with grave consequences, also lays it into POTUS Obama and the Congress.

Marine Isis

Semper Fi whatever to you!

Obama is…

April 27, 2015

Obama is…

Obama is the most murderous black man in the history of humanity with some 300,000 killed directly as a result of his policies with millions more affected collaterally, mostly civilians, with up to 70 wars and conflicts and covert operations pursued simultaneously worldwide. In this way he is a PR disaster to his own race which, until Obama became president, could claim to have been the only one whose people never engaged in mass killings or oppression. Obama though proves now the black man is potentially as evil and as murderous the white or yellow one. Maybe the black race could disown him. After all, he is not a true black man more like a mutt of uncertain origin. But then the mixed race people won’t be too happy to count him as one of their own either.

Obama is one who introduced a new method of indiscriminate murder of combatants and civilians alike by using remotely-operated drones with dozens of thousands killed during his reign so far, including women, children and innocents, including some Americans and other Westerns. Even the much maligned President Bush held back from droning people to death on such a grand scale although the technology was already available during his reign.

Obama is the most murderous and bloodthirsty and war-mongering Nobel Peace Prize winner ever. They tried to pacify him beforehand by awarding him this prize in advance and they failed spectacularly… but imagine what Obama would have done, had he not been given the prize so maybe just maybe the fools of the Norseman Nobel Peace Price committee achieved something here after all.

Another Black Citizen Shot by White Police in America – Raw: Tulsa Police Chase And Shoot Eric Courtney Harris

April 12, 2015

Po po strikes again… and again… and again. Obama?

The Whitening of Obama

January 13, 2015

The whitening of Obama.

Obama, the world’s most prolific drone murderer to date, appears to get whiter and whiter every day.

obama white mutt


That’s what the White House does to you.

No other black man in history ever killed as many people as Obama has killed so far (and the death toll keeps on rising)… probably with the sole exception of African Dictator Idi Amin… but then Idi Amin seems to have been Obama’s hero


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