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Britain’s Wide Ranging Doping Program Across All Sports #IOC #WADA

February 23, 2018

Britain Refuses to Admit to Wide Ranging Doping Program Across All Sports

Britain still refuses to admit to, or properly investigate, the existence of a wide ranging and multi-level doping program across all British Olympic sports, both summer and winter.

Unprecedented in the history of the Olympic movement, Britain’s quantum leap in the medal tables at London 2012 and Rio 2016 can only be explained in terms of mass institutionalized and government sponsored and/or protected doping.

If it isn’t doping then it could only have been genetic superiority.

But it can’t be genetic superiority because the concept of genetic superiority was disproved at about the time the last race of super humans (aka Nazis) was defeated in 1945.

Also, the idea of the British claiming genetic superiority in anything let alone sports is frankly laughable.

So it’s undoubtedly doping.

Will all their competitive medalists in endurance and non-technical sports being therefore certain dopers, Britain dopes on a massive scale utilizing all means at disposal, including:

  • Collusion with Wada which allows Britain to have its athletes’ test falsified in WADA-controlled labs and make them appear clean.
  • Use of new doping substances, constant ongoing pharmaceutical research into new PEDs and ways of doping in Britain.
  • Research into ways of beating doping controls and use of better masking agents.
  • Corrupting and undermining WADA, IOC and other world sports governing bodies.
  • Abuse of TUEs, with an overwhelming majority of athletes given TUEs on false pretenses being from Britain and the United States.
  • Tarnishing Britain’s competitors which again involves routine falsification of test results by WADA laboratories to make them appear positive

Hold British and US cheats to account!

Demand investigation into institutionalized doping in Britain and the United States, punishment and suspension of all British and US athletes mired in doping and that includes ALL their winners and medalists for at least the past 40 years.

Though it may seem hard to believe, the United States is even more guilty of doping offenses than Britain, all its winners in non-technical sports for the past 40+ years are all beneficiaries of illegal PED stimulation: all those horrible multiple dopers Phelpses, Williamses, Lance Armstrongs etc. etc.

London 2012. The Doped Up Olympics. How Britain Undermines International Sports by Letting all its Athletes Use Doping #Wada #IOC

February 23, 2018


In the 2012 London Olympics, British athletes won 65 medals all of a sudden – their biggest tally for over 100 years – since the 1908 London Olympics when they won 148 medals.

Is there an innocent explanation to this British miracle?

Of course not.

In 1908 British athletes won so many medals because they were already doping, but doping was not yet banned then.

And while doping WAS banned in 2012, British athletes were certainly doing it again at the London Games and with a vengeance.

That is indeed the only explanation for their sudden home-soil successes — that there was a well-hidden government sponsored doping program in Britain prior to the 2012 Olympics presided probably by Lordling Coe himself, and also that they were able to interfere with the way the anti-doping labs were operated during London 2012 to make sure their cheats wouldn’t be caught.

British track…

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Michelle Obama Man, Barack Obama Gay, the Obamas First Gay Presidential Couple?

December 16, 2017

Raw File: Anonymous Revolution Survival Guide

August 28, 2017

Raw file: Anonymous’ Survival Guide for Citizens in a Revolution.


Raw File: Anarchy(-ist) Cookbook v. 2000

August 28, 2017

Raw file: Anarchy Cookbook

Disclaimer: this document is for educational and academic purposes. Read it at your own risk.





Breaking News: Britain’s Fallon Threatens Hackers with Air Strikes

June 27, 2017

Britain could launch air strikes on hackers, Britain’s Defense Secretary warned today.

Britain’s Michael Fallon sent out a tough message to hackers in the wake of recent attacks on British networks.

He said the UK had the ability to respond to online attacks from any domain – air, land or sea.

According to Fallon, this was signalling to potential cyber strikers that the price of an online attack could invite a response from any domain – air, land, sea.

He also hinted that Britain’s newest future shipwreck – the so-called Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier – could be used for the purpose.

Obama’s Penile Handicap

May 27, 2016


The Obama Empire of Small Dick… but big bombs and long missiles…

This is why Obama is overcompensating by bombing the seventh country in six years.

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Forgotten Horrors: Ant-Walking Alligators of Hiroshima

May 27, 2016

Seeing as Obama the Drone Killer and Founder of Unashamedly Brazen Obamism, is now in Hiroshima, like a murderer who will eventually return to the place where he committed his murderous act, and is refusing apologize for the United States’ nuclear attack on civilians, maybe, the only deliberate attack on civilians during entire WW2, where even the Nazis tried to refrain from similar acts, certainly the largest such attack in scope in human history, I am re-blogging this.


Forgotten Horrors: Ant-Walking Alligators of Hiroshima.

In a Nutshell

After the bomb went off, Hiroshima was transformed from a dull backwater city into a momentary vision of Hell. Among the horrors witnessed by survivors were the ‘ant-walking alligators’—creatures of the blast that seemed neither human nor animal, neither living nor dead.

The Whole Bushel

When the ‘Little Boy’ exploded 750 yards above Hiroshima during the Monday morning rush hour, no-one had ever seen anything like it. A great light filled the sky, a sound that could flatten buildings rolled across the city and 80,000 people died instantly. The statistics are rightly famous: up to 40% of the population dead, two thirds of the city destroyed and fires burning at 4,000C. But the experience of survivors in the immediate aftermath is less well-known, and far more disturbing.

In his book, Last Train to Hiroshima, Charles Pellegrino combed through thousands of…

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Crimes of Britain: 14 Years of Occupation of Afghanistan as Part of Nato

October 10, 2015

MI5 Did It

April 12, 2015


Culpable: MI5 Culpable: MI5

Que bono?

Investigations into the 7/7 atrocity were completed but produced no evidence whatsoever of any terrorist involvement.

Instead, to a thinking person, they showed plenty of sign that the regime designated “terrorists” were shadowed at the time — no, even led on by MI5 — Britain’s internal secret state police modeled on Nazi Germany’s Gestapo but more ruthless and unprincipled.

MI5 needed a major boost in funding at the time and was facing a post-Cold war identity crisis and really could use a couple of spectacular bombings — preferably with multiple casualties, to say nothing of the fact that the “bombers” turned out to be MI5 agents themselves, whether rogue or otherwise, doesn’t really matter from the viewpoint of establishing and proving MI5 culpability.

7/7 was a masterstroke – a stroke of (evil) genius on the part of MI5. It got funding, elevated status, more rights and…

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