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Thatcher’s Most Evil Crime

April 12, 2013

Thatcher’s most despicable crime is not the British miners, not the Apartheid regime in South Africa, not the North of Ireland hunger strikes, not the total and wanton destruction of British industry, not Pinochet, not the Belgrano, not the murders, political assassinations or coups all over the world, not the Khmer Rouge, Pol Pot and Osama bin Laden whom she enthusiastically supported, courted, aided and abetted, and not the Poll tax, not even the current crisis induced by her policies, and not even the upcoming demise of Britain which is likely to collapse soon under the accumulated weight of her great crimes, past and present.

Thatcher’s most despicable crime is her major contribution to the enslavement of the Eastern Europeans by the so-called free market — capitalist Imperialist — forces.

The Iron Curtain of Freedumb and Democrazy has now firmly descended on Eastern Europe, plunging the half-continent into an oppressive darkness.

Millions of Eastern Europeans are now slaves to Imperialist capitalist corporations, most of them under predatory Anglo-Dutch control and under the control of the resurgent (and soon to be revanchist) Germany and are now victims to legions of Anglo-Dutch, French and German scammers, thieves and hedge fund operators and all kinds of other scheming and stealing Western human filth unleashed on them together with the hordes of Western pedophiles and perverts of every description corrupting, raping their young sons and daughters, making prostitutes and unwilling amateur porn actors out of them and otherwise abusing them and violating every natural orifice in their young, tender and defenseless bodies while the formerly free citizens of Eastern Europe (like the people of Western Europe before them) can do nothing, are powerless and are now left with nothing — no own land, no own homes, no industries, no independent economies, no own currency, no factories or plants, no national companies, no savings in the banks (what little there are can be taken away from them on orders of EU bureaucrats at any moment) no hope and no future other than living scared from one crippling crisis to another, from bust to bust with no boom in between, and even in fact with no national identity as their nation states have been eroded, virtually destroyed and rolled into one huge dumb EweroPEEon blob and basically made cease to exist whereas during the much better times of Socialism they, their cultures and the products of their industries were known, celebrated and renowned all over the world and their children had happy childhoods, excellent care, protection from Western filth and free education and otherwise the best society could offer.

And that is surely the most evil of Maggie’s evil crimes.

Wicked witch


The Great Taliban Summer Offensive of 2009

August 1, 2009

A while back NATO announced its yet another ambitious offensive in Afghanistan. It is still continuing. Supposedly. While closely coordinated, the offensive originally consisted of two major operations by the British and American contingents in Afghanistan in their respective zones of occupation and also in adjacent areas which are either controlled by the Taliban or where Taliban fighters make frequent inroads.

Assigned very colorful operational names — “Panther’s Claw” for the British operation and “Strike of the Sword” for the American one, the two newest — and still ongoing — military ventures were based on a plan prepared by NATO’s master planners — the declared goals were to push back and disrupt the Taliban and even — rather optimistically — to seize and hold some territory. At the time NATO hoped that, in addition to a military success, the end political result would be an improved security during Afghanistan’s forthcoming presidential election.

Offensive action began to much fanfare, prominent media coverage and optimistic forecasts by various defense analysts and was — as per usual — accompanied with habitual references to, and incantations of, the ‘awesome’ power of NATO, the “most powerful military alliance in the world”.

But just a month into NATO’s newest summer campaign a very different picture begins to emerge. It increasingly looks like NATO is about to suffer its yet another ignominious defeat. So far the only two tangible results seem to be heavy NATO casualties and a rising civilian death toll while there is no reliable information on Taliban casualties (if any) whatsoever. In the month of July alone the British lost over 20 soldiers dead, including a senior commander, and their American comrades in occupation lost some 44 soldiers, plus one who either defected to, or was captured by, the Taliban. Other nations’ troops also reported losses. What’s significant about these figures is that modern warfare is characterized by an increased percentage of the wounded, injured or maimed in the overall casualty figures. The ratio of wounded to dead is at least ten to one and may be as high as one hundred to one. That means that, in addition to those killed in action, the Brits and the Yanks lost hundreds if not thousands wounded in July alone.

It just proves that the Taliban are far from finished, even in the immediate theaters of war where the British and the Americans are supposed to be engaged in the offensive. What’s certain is that the Taliban retain their ability to strike at the time of their choosing and to inflict severe casualties on foreign troops while most likely suffering none themselves. The use of the Taliban’s most preferred weapon — the IED — is a case in point. Consider this: in a typical, well-executed and successful IED attack Taliban fighters get to kill 2-3 foreign occupiers, wound and maim a further 10 to 30, and themselves live to fight another day and probably get on opportunity to make a nice video of the attack. Not that they are averse to a decent firefight when they know they can have it on their terms.

NATO’s other stated goals have not been achieved either. The British and American troops may have ventured beyond their fortified bases, may have gone into some towns, bazaars and villages but they still control nothing except where they are massed. And providing security in time for the elections is already impossible.

It now increasingly looks that local Taliban commanders may have had their own war plan for the summer of 2009, particularly in areas with mass concentrations of British and American troops. They probably waited for the British and American “warriors” to make a move, to expose themselves and their lines of communications to Taliban attacks. The beauty of it from their point of view is that they now have the British and American troops exactly where they want them — dispersed over a much larger territory making it easier for them to prey on their LOCs, to strike at will and to wage their guerrilla style campaign on remote and isolated enemy outposts which however may be quickly augmented with well coordinated counter-attacks or even a full-blown offensive of the Taliban’s own making, should the situation look right to the Taliban high command.

Well what can you say? It looks like the “panther” had its claws forcibly removed while “the sword” may have been wrestled from the hand of the attacker and buried in his infidel belly.

If things continue as they have been this past month, future historians might well remember 2009 as the year of the greatest Taliban summer offensive in Afghanistan — the offensive that finally broke NATO’s humped back.


Victorious Taliban, a.k.a the Students

Conquerors of Britain: Akbar Khan

July 6, 2009

Mohammad Akbar Khan (1813-1845) was an Afghan Prince and tribal leader but is now best remembered for being a victorious Afghan general who inflicted on the British their heaviest defeat in modern times when his troops completely destroyed an occupying British army.

An ambitious, ruthless and fiercely anti-British Afghan nobleman, Akbar Khan led a revolt in Kabul against the British mission of William McNaughten, who strongly advocated the occupation and subjugation of Afghanistan by the British army, and Alexander “Sekundar” Burnes, his sometimes unwilling sidekick but a prominent empire builder in his own right. Both the two officials were very experienced in Oriental matters, well familiar with local ways and customs and even spoke local languages. Yet Akbar Khan succeeded in outwitting the two men — which was no mean feat considering their background and unique learning, surprised them and even personally killed the latter. In keeping with a rather gruesome Afghan tradition at the time, the bodies of the two British high officials were dismembered and their various bits were displayed for some time at various points in the main bazaar of Kabul. The British garrison stationed there at the time was also annihilated and Kabul was freed from British occupation — and not for the last time either.

Later his troops besieged Major-General William Elphinstone’s entire British army which had entered Kabul to quell the revolt and exact brutal punishment. After employing a ruse by promising a safe passage for Elphinstone’s force, Akbar Khan was able to outwit, ambush and eventually — within a week — destroy the entire army, numbering over 17,500 with its civilian camp followers. Elphinstone himself was captured and is to this day the highest-ranking British officer ever to be captured and then to die in captivity.

The British staged a punitive expedition into Afghanistan with lots of collective punishment — i.e. the killing of civilians, the destruction of Afghan settlements, towns and bazaars as well as what would now be called ethnic cleansing, crimes against humanity or even genocide. Eventually it took another war to drive the British completely from Afghanistan but Akbar Khan’s contribution cannot be overestimated. After the defeat that Akbar Khan inflicted on them the British came to realize that they were not up to the task of subjugating Afghanistan. Moreover their empire was exposed for what it was — a colossus with feet of clay heavily dependent on the docility of the subjugated peoples for its survival.

In today’s Afghanistan Akbar Khan remains the most revered political and military leader, not surprisingly perhaps given the fact that Afghanistan once again finds itself under occupation — this time by NATO forces, including those of the Afghans’ old friends, the British.

In an act somewhat reminiscent of the great Akbar Khan’s exploits, a senior British commander, Lt Col Rupert Thorneloe, was recently killed in action by Afghan rebels.


Akbar Khan, the conqueror of the British

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